Steve McConkey dissembles and deletes and deceives, but remember, he’s delusional too

By all appearances, Steve McConkey really enjoys tightening the metaphorical noose around his own wattled neck.

Every time I rattle off a list of fresh lies he’s told, he does two things. One, he blares on about what he’s supposedly found by obsessively perusing my various social-media and blog accounts, all while referring to me as “the Stalker” (yes, with a capital “S”; Trumpists Do like Their Caps). I’m going to point out yet again for the benefit of the irony-resistant that anyone who admits that he’s actively searching the Web for things being written about him while calling the writer a stalker has all of the insight of a rotten turnip. And if the dumb fuck thinks I’m just going to ignore the fact that he’s had a lie-filled post about me on his website for over two months now, he can suck a dick, and not merely in his dreams.

Two, he goes on to lie about and grossly misrepresent those things, thereby throwing log after dry log onto his own symbolic funeral pyre. Does he really think at this point that I won’t comment on these, or that he’ll somehow win? Does he actually like negative attention better than no attention at all? Some people with extremely fragile egos do, as weird as that seems. What Steve conspicuously refuses to do, of course, is link to the things I’ve supposedly written or simply offer a screen shot (and he’s certainly a fan of collecting screen shots).

Also, Steve has now made Lize a target of his lying. He’s just incorrigible scum. I was wrong about Satan buttfucking him in Hell erelong. He’s too disgusting even for the Dark One, and he’d probably secretly enjoy this “punishment” anyway.

So, back to the grind. Today Steve posted this:

I think “sites and two Twitter sites” is an appropriate way for Steve to end the first sentence of this or any post. It’s beyond clumsy and extremely vague — and vagueness is what he’s aiming for, since direct links would undermine everything he says.

I’d like to know exactly what makes Steve think I’m trying to get his nonprofit status revoked. (It should be, since the government is not in the game of subsidizing gay-bashing, but that’s a separate discussion.) He doesn’t say, of course; he just declares this to be so, as usual. The reason I wonder is because he may have concluded this from something I wrote myself, or he may have gotten the idea elsewhere. We’ll see.

Next we have the beginning of a long, dolorous monologue in the comments:

Steve is a nobody in the track world. He goes to a lot of meets and runs his mouth online (and perhaps in person) in a way that pisses people off, and he has been doing this for a long time. Long-timers on the U. of Wisconsin campus most likely recognize him as “that old guy with the weird hair who’s always slurring about Jesus” or the like (every public space has cranks like this, people who have no idea how their intrusive babbling is actually perceived). But he should not confuse this with being relevant, but he needs to, because he needs to prop up the idea that he matters to anyone or anything outside of his own family and circle of friends.

It’s a howl that he even brings up his relationship with USATF, which recently ordered him to remove his lie about working for them from his FB profile; whatever unsolicited garbage sends them is irrelevant. Is he deluding himself into thinking they give a fuck? More people in their office probably open penis-growth spam messages than even glance at whatever crap he dispatches their way (although this may be exactly what Steve is sending them).

“We had athletes rank eighty times” is a nonsense term. Rank what? Does he mean “ranked”? And he went to USATF Nationals last month? Well, I just looked into this, and as it turns out, so did lots of others!

In terms of the personal stuff, I have in fact coached two Olympian distance runners as well as the current holder of a significant age-group world middle-distance record. I have also been consulted by someone who is currently among the best masters runners in the U.S., although this was back in her (also sterling) open runner days. All of these people reached out to me, not the other way around. I’m almost astonished that Steve hasn’t figured out who one of them is, because it’s another person to whose life Steve has actively tried to add grief. This is all he is good for. And I can also easily prove these things as well. Steve is not going to learn them by Googling, and since he has no other means of collecting information, too bad for him. Also, I’m curious about the “was a marathoner, running book and article writer” part (emphasis mine). Does he think I’m writing my posts about him from Hell? Or does he just think I’ve given all of those things up? I’m not sure about a marathon this year, but I did grab second place in my age group out of 376 people at the Bolder Boulder in May. Sure, my time sucked, even accounting for the altitude and tough course. But to hear assholes like Steve and Kim Duclos tell it, I’m just some raving drunk who used to do shit and now just raves drunkenly. These, remember, are people who sit at home and immerse themselves in fantasy lives in which they are actually accomplishing the things they wish they had or could. I’m nobody special, but I’m honest about it.

As for the bottom comment, the International Olympic Committee and the IAAF have been trying to resolve the Caster Semenya/intersex matter for years. This isn’t the place to go deep into that, but Steve claiming that his letters have made a difference is like the crazy spittle-spraying guy bellowing on a street corner (who looks suspiciously like Steve McConkey) about taxation being theft taking credit for Congress passing tax reform. Some delusional American homophobic clown being upset was not a factor. Yes, you can Google “steve mcconkey olympic committee” and find that Steve has indeed bitched endlessly about the IOC on wingnut radio and online. Does he really think the IOC even knows about that crap? Where are his interactions with the IOC? Does he really not understand that everything that’s happened with the testosterone/intersex issue has arisen in concert with Caster Semenya’s ascendancy, and that this started long, long after 2003?

If Steve is so convinced of his efficacy, why haven’t Major League Baseball, the NFL, the military, and the other sports organizations he rails about noticed him? Too much Satan and not enough praying?

(Finally — and despite the parentheses, this is not really an aside given who we’re talking about — most people don’t take pride in claiming to be the only one in the world to be a complete asshole in a particular way. Steve has no choice but to strive for a niche as a douchebag, since he lacks the brains and character to be decent.)

It gets even worse from there.

This is word salad, and you can tell that Steve was even more agitated than usual when he was writing it. I’ll put this as plainly as I can: Steve claimed that he had “successfully stopped the Freedom From Religion atheists in many cases.” That is an explicit, testable claim. The FFRF rep said they’ve never heard of him. His attempt to deny this consists of “Well, I’ve made a lot of noise over the years and if they’re too dumb to listen or notice, that’s their problem.” And he’s still immune to noticing the word “foundation” in the FFRF’s name despite a manifest obsession with the organization. But the best part has to be his speculation that they’re lying.

The next part consists more of basic stupidity than lying.

Steve was no doubt inspired to write the first comment by this tweet and the ones that immediately preceded it.

You see, Steve wrote a letter to the editor of a Wisconsin newspaper twelve years ago that included this passage:

Ignore the parts that inspire brays of laughter and focus on the date. Steve says he decided to go full-time into Christian ministry in 1981. The statement “We are on our 25th year” written in 2006, made in apparent reference to 4 Winds Christian Athletics, correlates with a start year of 1981.

Eight years later, Steve gave an interview to a Madison newspaper to explain why he’s such a dickwad. In the course of doing an excellent job of this, he claimed that he started 4 Winds in 1988. Here are the apparently competing claims together.

Given Steve’s well-established and serious problems with getting numbers right, it is perfectly fair to question this.  In all likelihood, he didn’t actually have an official ministry between 1981 and 1988 but likes to tell people this when he thinks he can get away with it because that’s exactly the sort of sleazy exaggeration Jesus would encourage him to perpetrate, along with, you know, totaling cars while driving drunk.

Steve likes to point out what a criminal I am for the things I did in my binge-drinking days, the most recent being a 2012 conviction for stealing a goddamn sandwich that I didn’t actually steal (an entertaining enough story in  retrospect). All but three of the things on the document he has posted at 4 Winds — including the heinous “improper start from a parked position” — were dropped. Again, nothing to be proud of in that list. But one thing I never managed to do in my boozing days, which ended in the fall of 2016, was wreck a car while I was shitfaced. I’m glad Steve added the detail that the car he crashed into a brick wall while driving drunk was blue.

Steve doesn’t say whether that resulted in an arrest, but the point is that I could easily overlook a 40-plus-year-old DUI in almost anyone. Not Steve, because he’s a pile of shit who pretends he’s always been above all the bad stuff drinkers do. And to make things worse, there’s little point in even being sober if you’re just going to be a dickhead anyway, lying and conning your way through life and launching one-man pogroms against homosexuals. And come to think of it, who knows what else Steve might have done in his not-so-glory days, given that his carousing predates the Internet by almost two decades?

As for “He cannot figure out why the IRS approved us in 1994. Fake news by the Stalker,” I’m not confused. I just noted 4 Winds Christian Athletics (a misnomer in every possible way) became tax-exempt in 1994.

Concerning his income, I’m not sure what rumors he thinks I spread. I doubt his haul is significant because he’s a shitty person with bad ideas who appeals to the kind of halfwit yokels who don’t have fuck-all to donate anyway, and even if he did have good ideas, he has no clue how to market himself. And he doesn’t work, regardless of how he likes to characterize his all-day-every-day attempts to rid the world of gays. It’s fair to suppose he lives on handouts, be those donations from the rubes or support from his family. That he, utterly helpless and completely dependent on other people just to survive, has the temerity to demean homeless people is staggering — but again, typical of Evangelicals, almost every one of whom is a disgusting turd in somewhat human form.

Steve is also angry at the throwaway observation I made months ago that I’d been told by a semi-local that he was on disability. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t, but I certainly never asserted that it’s true, I merely passed along what someone else proposed.

But look at this. The other day, Steve made a declarative, actionable, and incorrect claim:”The Stalker Kevin Beck is an atheist God  hater on mental disability.”

This is one of the things that is going to spell the end of his “ministry.” Not the fact that he doesn’t submit evidence of his paltry income to Uncle Sam (he doesn’t have to as a “religious” entity).  His anger, which gratifies him greatly since Jesus likes him that way, has already led him to cross lined that could land him in court if I cared to pursue it. Admittedly, I don’t.  Steve’s just a bleating old dimwit with, I’m sure, no real money.

But this doesn’t mean I won’t make real trouble for him, outside of these silly blog wars but well between the lines.

Moving on:

1. As I keep repeating, I never claimed that Steve falsified his degree. In fact, I actually called him lazy for having such a degree but never working. I have expressed skepticism about his education because he is plainly a stupid guy, but I know stupid people with master’s degrees, and Steve’s mind, which was surely nothing to be proud of in 1981, has probably deteriorated a great deal in the last 37 years. Anyway, if he has evidence I’ve done this, he should provide it.

2.  Steve doesn’t even say why he’s posting this stuff, he just rambles sans context about his lack of a serious mental health history, which is a great way to seem sane. He’s upset at being caught in this lie.

“I forgot that one encounter” doesn’t wash, because Steve wrote about that encounter on February 27 of this year. Liar-at-all-costs that he is, he’s also deleted the page from 4 Winds sometime in the past few days, but you can see the link to it and the date on this archived copy of the 4 Winds main page. And even if “I forgot” were not itself a lie, it’s not up to other people to discern which in  a pair of conflicting claims is true and which isn’t. The idea, at least for most people, is to post accurate information, but Steve is nothing but a fountain of rancid bullshit.

Confronted with his own lies, Steve has made suspicious claims about typos and conveniently forgotten details about his own past. But this is to be expected of most Evangelicals, who are the most flagrantly dishonest group of people in the United States as well as the most ignorant (these are complementary traits, of course).

Steve’s “standing up for Christian athletes” is not standing up for anyone or anything; it’s protesting the very existence of gay and transgender people, nothing more. His vanity Googling only establishes that he has had nothing better to for his whole jobless life than sit at home in front of a computer, wank to old videos of Chippendales performances, and post bullshit online, often paying to do so.

3.  Steve claimed that the freedom of speech a campus Christian group had been violated. As the editor pointed out, this was untrue. Case closed. Time to shut the fuck up and accept reality, my friend.

Since I began writing this, Steve had added to the Facebook trash heap. He’s unraveled some more:

Yes,  dimwit.  I get that you write letters. Crazy people love writing letters to large organizations and pretending that people not only read them intently, but find them deeply moving. I have never once said or implied otherwise about Steve and the IOC.

The part that matters is clearly, did the IOC respond to Steve McConkey? Of course not. Of if they did, it was dismissive and Steve chose to keep it to himself, scalawag that he is. For fuck’s sake, you can’t just say you e-mailed someone and claim to have engaged in a conversation with them. If the IOC had operated on any of Steve’s specific ideas they would have acknowledged this. But of course they didn’t, as their overall orientation stands in stark opposition to what Steve begs for. The Olympics are about non-discrimination and Steve is all about discrimination. For more on this and more of Steve’s lies, read this piece by the always on-point Hemant Mehta.

Last one for now, and then I have to write stuff that actually earns money, since I’m not on either mental disability or religious disability.

This translates to “Yeah, I lied, but other people do it. So what?” Then he says that he took the lie off his page (or, as he puts it, “I removed”) not because it was, well, a fucking lie, but “out of respect for many of the athletes.”

And if you need more data establishing the kind of person Steve is, he has a second Facebook page called Big Planet Watch (just since March, this same page has rotated through the names, let’s see, “The Steve Report,” “Steve McConkey Newswire,” and “Steve Prophecy Report,” which Steve does in the hope of covering his ugly tracks.

He devotes this to links to news items, many of them of course false,  that be believes somehow advance the idea that people need Jesus. Really, it’s just a means for him to be even more of a prick than he already is on his personal page. We have these gems just in the past day:

Steve is free to “stalk” whatever people he thinks are ripe for mockery, be they obese people, transgender people, or atheists. But if he expects everyone to respond favorably or that he can promote himself as a Christian doing this shit, he really needs a reality check.

The best thing Steve could do at this point is stop trying to refute the things I say. He should stop writing to (and about) my friends and others in my life. He should stop trying to get my websites and accounts taken off the Web like the fucking coward he is. Instead, he needs to learn to live with the fact that he has written (and in some cases spoken) all of the words I have attributed to him. Every last one. He can get upset at how I choose to characterize him, but I couldn’t care less about that. His response to this has been lie after lie. Naturally, I don’t expect someone with untreated and perhaps untreatable mental issues to enjoy how I’ve come after him. But the more he lies and the more, especially, he drags my loved ones into this, the more pissed off I will get, all of this modest negative attention will mushroom into a shitstorm once I link all of these posts to the really mean and unsavory atheist groups.

Note that Steve’s empty threats of taking legal action against me stopped weeks ago, when even he was able to perceive how ridiculous this was. If he genuinely thought I was lying and that he could prove it, he would probably dredge up some Christian moron lawyer who got his law degree from Barry Zuckerkorn Night Legal School to represent him on the cheap.

Steve is either too dumb or too dishonest to tell the difference between socialism and communism. He refers to Caster Semenya as a “cheater” despite the fact that Caster Semenya is competing in accordance with the specified rules of her sport, regardless of whether Steve approved. It is absolutely plain as day after perusing even a few hundred randomly selected words of this guy’s output why everyone either laughs at him or ignores him — except for me, obviously. I laugh at him but unfortunately I refuse to ignore him because I like to see irredeemable lying pieces of Bible-humping shit implode. And because they have so little neurocognitive reserve, this doesn’t take much.

He is some combination of moron, liar, and garden-variety lunatic. Nothing more. Deleting pages, talking to himself (as of this moment, he has written 12 consecutive unhinged comments to his own Facebook post, interrupted only by a single poignant “Prayers” from a Pat Lenard.)

And he wonders why no one listens to him. This is just one badly damaged hombre.