Steve McConkey’s sad, comical desperation

Steve McConkey, an Evangelical hypocrisy factory who dabbled in illegal drug abuse and drunken car wrecks before reinventing himself as a homophobic and generally bigoted maniac, has told innumerable lies about his own achievements, my and others’ actions, U.S. history and laws, and of course his own lies; I have thoroughly documented a generous sampling of those here. He has now retreated into the fantasy that he was at one point an influential track and field coach. He has appended a long, pointless comment to his self-debasing stream of gripes and lies from yesterday, one he is aware that none of his permanently stupefied followers will pay the slightest attention to and is plainly intended for my eyes only. In other words, he wants me to write more uncomplimentary things about him, thereby loading the Internet with even more evidence of his bumblefuck life and horrible character. So I shall.

Here’s Steve’s whole comment:

Here’s the same comment with most of the bullshit excised:

Steve McConkey’s penchant for lying about his own role in various events has been demonstrated on this blog in a number of specific ways. Just in recent weeks, he has lied about being employed by USATF, lied about repeatedly “stopping” the Freedom From Religion Foundation, lied about being invited to Urban Talk Radio, and lied about never having seeing a psychologist. (I’m tired of providing internal links every time I mention Steve’s crimes against reason, morality, and decency; that stuff’s easy to find here.) Assuming he has lied at the same rate all of his life — a fair assumption, given things others have written about him over the years as well as demonstrably false things on Internet screeds he’s authored — it would be hard to fit a digitized version of all of the bullshit he’s synthesized on an 8 GB memory drive.

Therefore, when Steve says he coached someone, and his own words are the only thing to go on, it is a safe bet that this means next to nothing. His role in their training and racing might be reasonably compared to that of the guy who makes sure a Major League Baseball team clubhouse is amply stocked with clean towels. (Actually, less than that, because towels are useful and necessary to athletes, and warped Old Testament blather from someone even most other Christians think is a tool is not.)

Real coaching involves analyzing a given runner’s capabilities, reviewing and helping them refine their goals, setting up personalized training blocks with customized workouts, and modifying things as needed on the go. Most of my dozens of clients over the years have been everyday working-stiff runners, but I have worked with some high-achievers as well: a pair of Olympians (one of whom is still competing) multiple U.S. Olympic Trials participants, and a world age-group record holder who was one of the best masters runners in the world in the 1970s. These people all sought me out. People who know me not only know these things are true, but understand that I don’t think they’re a big deal, any more than I think it’s especially noteworthy that I’ve written over 100 articles (pieces I was paid for, not the kind of error- and lie-riddled shit Steve pays Christian Newswire to ineffectively disseminate) for national-level publications and given interviews as an athlete and observer to numerous bona fide media outlets (which is different from recording yammer-sessions with Christian morons for “radio shows” that aren’t). The editor-in-chief of Running Times magazine didn’t think I was irrelevant or unaccomplished when he wrote this.

Belching out anti-gay nonsense at the people who seem most willing to listen isn’t coaching. Despite his own running experience, which, as I’ve also shown on this blog, he has a notably difficult time even keeping track of, there’s nothing in Steve’s “work” that suggests he’s ever been capable of advising anyone competently, and I mean in terms of his expertise, not just the fact that he’s off his fucking rocker and can’t follow the plot, any plot.

So in summary, Steve has a list of athletes who, although associated in some secondary way with long-dead outfits Steve “coached,” competed  primarily for other clubs and obviously received their real coaching from qualified mentors. (I mean really, does Steve expect anyone to think he had a hand in what successful sprinters, throwers and jumpers were doing?) What he’s doing here is the equivalent of a volunteer assistant coach for South Lakes High School in Virginia in 1999, Alan Webb’s sophomore year, telling people “I coached a 3:53 high-school miler.” Besides, 1992 was 26 years ago, and Steve can’t claim to have been even nominally involved in the official running scene since then.  He is basically one of the running world’s oldest and most unconvincing fanboys and name-droppers.

Steve writes (about me), “We are awaiting his list of athletes he says he has coached.” (As befits someone who writes in the third person in his “worldwide news releases,” Steve likes to use “we” when  he means “I.”) Funny, I don’t remember promising him any such list, and he won’t be getting one. For one thing, I don’t owe it to a deranged liar to prove that what I say is true. He has accused me repeatedly of lying while not substantiating a single one of these accusations, and our respective records in the area of honesty aren’t remotely comparable. For another, I don’t need Steve hectoring any of these athletes or involving them in this, and that’s the first thing he would do if I offered their names. This is hardly supposition; in addition to trying to get my website taken offline (yes, seriously) and complaining about my social-media accounts, he’s already tried to interfere in my professional life, which is one of the reasons I’ll continue making these posts and engaging as needed in other activities aimed at stanching the flow of an bitter old man’s mental sewage and delusional claims into the public domain. If he won’t recant anything, I will act in ways assured of causing him continual grief (as it is, his bitching about me has come to dominate both his 4 Winds page and his Facebook page, which is not exactly a “Christian” look). But I will not lie to do so.

Of course, all of this is irrelevant. It’s an intentional red herring Steve has cast out there to avoid facing the real issue. Even if Steve really did enjoy a meaningful role as a coach, none of my writing about him concerns such realms. I could just as easily (and inanely) turn this into something like “I ran a 2:24 marathon, we’re still waiting for Steve’s personal records” and it would affect the truth value of the things either of us has offered. Steve has always been and will always remain a deceitful shitbag, lying outright about what others have done and what they say about him, and doing his best to scrub evidence of his own ridiculous statements from the Internet. If he would stop acting like an asshole, I’d probably leave him alone despite his warped convictions and gelatinous, mean-spirited thought processes. After all, I don’t need to write another word about him to ensure that the very few people who will ever be curious about him will quickly find all of these posts. But if he thinks he can prevail in a war of facts over me or any of his other chosen targets, he may want to pray for lots of guidance on that one.