Steve McConkey is every bit as dumb — and weak — as he appears

Sometimes, people who ceaselessly trumpet unrestrained religious nonsense, as Steve McConkey does, are not necessarily unintelligent people. Some fundies are actually very bright, but have been raised from a tender age to believe stupid things, a trap that is difficult to escape; this leaves them with highly compartmentalized thinking. Some fundies are in the clutches of clinically significant mental disorders, and are therefore paranoid enough to see evil where none exists and delusional enough to think that praying to sky-faeries can ease their psychological static and alter world events. Some fundies are motivated chiefly by anti-gay bigotry and embrace fundamentalist Christianity because they need a club that accepts outdated, increasingly unpopular stances as well as flagrant lying. Some fundies are too lazy to work despite having children to care for, and are looking to make a buck off the prejudices of other asswipes.

Because Steve McConkey is unbalanced, a bigot by nature, dishonest,  and lazy — qualities that are obviously not uncoupled — it might be easy to pretend that he is also not stupid, and that he has a normal enough mind that’s been hijacked by his other noisome traits. But he’s showing more and more frequently that beneath all of that shittiness and deceit and fear and sloth, he’s also just a garden-variety moron. He is, indeed, an extraordinarily well-rounded fundie.

Considering how much energy Steve puts every day into trying to collect as much information about me as he can — because he needs to, you know, research his stalkers — he’s just very bad at it. It’s not difficult to find the errors in the first sentence, but Steve isn’t good at processing the most basic information.

The second sentence is a mixture of lies and gross exaggerations, while the third is flat wrong. At first I was tempted to attribute the falsehoods here primarily to purposeful spite; after all, I thought, Steve surely knows all of these things are wrong. I figured, he reads my running blog as well as this one, so he has to be aware of my training and racing, something homeless drunks don’t do. He’s seen my posts about recently driving back and forth across the country, getting a dog, all of that. I believed that he knows that almost everything on my “criminal record” that he’s posted was dropped, and that arrests aren’t convictions. And I assumed he was at least smart enough to know he is making a frankly libelous statement with the part about me being on mental disability, but just doesn’t care because he has nothing of value to sue for and assumes I won’t bother suing.

I have to admit that I was wrong. Steve, without question, is not just somewhat to the left of the median on the curve of human cognition. He’s just very stupid. He would have to be to play this game with me the way he’s playing it. He evidently believed Kim Duclos when she told him I was on mental disability (whether Kim herself believes this is unclear, but she’s the kind of resentful turd who says such things because she needs to think  that everyone she begrudges is as unskilled and dependent on charity as she is); a discerning person can tell right away that Kim is not to be tursted, but because Steve’s a dimwit, he cannot part from the “mental disability” idea despite what a normal person would see as ample reason to not believe it. Not inconsequentially, he refuses to acknowledge that his own raving about me is perhaps driving as much traffic to this blog as anything I do — sending folks to essays in which the truth that Steve so dearly wants to conceal is undeniably clear even to disinterested parties.

I’m sure it’s confusing to Steve that I can devote so much time to writing about him while maintaining other responsibilities, because he has no idea how I make most of my money and therefore hasn’t a clue how much time this leaves me to do other things, even stupid things like taking shots at reprobates and lowlifes like himself. Steve is at such a low level of basic functioning that angrily tapping out a few paragraphs of incomprehensible bullshit leaves him all but exhausted, so he assumes everyone has the same problem.

Steve also has no idea what an actual “refutation” is. Were Steve refuting anything I said, he would first display, quote, or link to exactly what I had written and then challenge the accuracy of these statements in a coherent way. Instead, he just rambles in a series of comments that offer no fucking idea what he’s even complaining about. But perhaps he really cannot see this; he is so daft, and so used to most of his equally blinkered followers mindlessly agreeing with him, that he’s sincerely convinced he’s mounted a real argument. On this one, though, I’m waffling, because he’s plainly just a coward, too. A weak, sniveling old man, insecure about both his masculinity and his imperceptible standing in the sports and Evangelical worlds.

Steve McConkey lied about his mental health history. He lied about being employed by USATF. He lied about stopping the Freedom from Religion Foundation. He lied about Lize (and involving her was perhaps his biggest mistake yet). He lied about being on Urban Talk Radio, appearing on which would be a dishonor to any decent person anyway. He has lied so carelessly and freely about so many things that he has now scrapped his whole “testimony” on his shitty 4 Winds website in favor of a silly “timeline” in which he attempts to position himself as someone the world gives a shit about or ever did. And that is merely scratching the surface. Now, there is not a damned thing he can do to keep more and more people from finding out just what a lying bastard he is. You see, even people who are willing to give money to a full-time fag-basher aren’t going to give any to someone who lies about everything, because they know he’ll just spend it on whatever stupid non-ministry-related shit he wants to, chiefly bright red hair dye. And they’d be right, because that is what scammers do. Even low-level, incompetent bags of slime like Steve McConkey, whose wife Liz will be featured in the next post in this category (it’s about time she was recognized for her role in 4 Winds as well as her impressive feats of rank credulity).