Meet the other half the 4 Winds “ministry” scam

Steve McConkey often uses the term “we” to describe the feeble and misguided activities of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, which has nothing at all to do with “standing up for Christian athletes” and everything to do with opposing the very existence of gay people in sports and elsewhere. This use of the plural nominative pronoun is, at times, no more than a reflection of Steve’s yen to seem important, fueled by the sort of grandiosity common in people with formally delusional thought processes.

This is also, however, because 4 Winds is technically the project of both Steve and his wife Liz.

Liz McConkey keeps a much lower profile than the barking-bad mental midget she lives with, but not because she’s any more sensible than he is. (One person who’s been following all of this almost since the beginning, a woman, remarked that Liz “looks exactly like the kind of woman who’d be happily married to a closet gay man.” I didn’t ask what this meant, but I can kind of see it myself.) In fact, she may be fundamentally dumber than Steve, but can’t possibly be as crazy — even if being married to someone like Steve is prima facie evidence of substandard judgment.

And that’s Liz McConkey’s biggest problem: She clearly has no ability to sniff out bullshit. None. Liz is a big fan of conspiracy sites and fountains of high-octane misinformation, and rather than sharing this stuff on social media just to do her part to distract people from reality (a la Ticker Carlson and Russian bots), she genuinely buys into it.

Here’s a small sampling of the things Liz thinks are true despite two minutes of Googling being sufficient to debunk them.

Liz McConkey is a fan of a lie you have to be either incredibly ignorant or flagrantly dishonest to propagate: that Bibles aren’t allowed in schools. They are. (She also clearly has no earthly idea *why* so many people in prison love Jesus and what this says about Christianity.)

‘You have to be really, really ignorant to buy into this one, given that if it were true, the truth would be impossible for all of those evil God-haters to suppress. But Liz is clueless and doesn’t care about facts anyway.

One of Liz’s commenters even pointed out that this wasn’t written by Krauthammer, but that didn’t compel her to remove the post.

And here’s another one from the “OMG CHRISTIANS ARE BEING PERSECUTED!” files. This lie spread like wildfire through the wingnut-o-sphere last summer despite being completely implausible even on its face. It’s bullshit.

She used to have a post up about how NASA has been concealing evidence that the Bible is true since the 1970s. I mean, holy shit, right? What the fuck would that evidence even look like and why would it be found in outer space? For whatever reason, though, it’s gone now.

Again, this is a small sampling. She also has the usual Evangelical garbage about George Soros, gun rights, deluded atheists, Trump’s heroism, and other stupidities and inanities. This one says it all:

So we have a husband-and-wife ministry team including man (so to speak) who can’t stop lying except to scream about other people’s alleged lying and a fake-news addict bawling about the dangers of fake news. When I talk idly about global nuclear war being something to look forward to rather than something to fear, it’s because of the preponderance of intellectual waste cases like the McConkeys. Humans in general are stupid, even if most of the aren’t as bad as these two wannabe-grifters, and we don’t deserve to be staining the cosmos.

I’m also not so sure Liz gives a fuck about what’s in the banned-everywhere-no-it’s-not Bible. After all:

If she doesn’t gave a fuck about Steve’s lying, which she obviously knows about despite being dense, then she doesn’t give a fuck about being saved, Jesus, any of it. Christians don’t get to pick and choose which divine commandments are dispensable and to what degrees. So she, like Steve, is about as Christian as I am.

In all sincerity, Liz doesn’t appear to have a mean bone in her body, unlike her resentment- and vengeance-driven spouse. She does some decent artwork, and she’s helped support her vocationally inert husband at times. But the idea of someone with so little ability to distinguish reality from horseshit serving as a teacher — even a substitute — is admittedly grotesque, and Liz has an astonishingly voracious appetite for “information” that is not merely wrong, but very obviously implausible to outright impossible. Having people this goddamn dumb running their yaps is not good for any country. No society ever benefited from an increase in the amount of bullshit its people sling about.

Why would I start with this now? Well, Steve recently took a series of extremely unfair jabs at the most important person in my life, probably because he expected no pushback from her. Not only did he underestimate her, but he unknowingly signaled that it’s okay to bring his not-so-benignly vapid wife into the fray — especially given that, unlike Lize and my other friends, Steve’s wife is disconnected from reality and supports the absurd behaviors and activities of her husband. The two of them are running a scam, nothing more.

This post is actually me being nicer than I ought to be. All of my writing about Steve so far, in fact, has been nice compared to what’s coming. The longer Steve keeps lies about me and others posted on any of his websites, the more disruptive to his everyday life my hobby of blogging about him will become. I know of plenty of atheist hangouts that include lots of people just as mean, bored and persistent as Steve himself, and if I were to supply them with the URLs of his Facebook accounts, they would pepper them with so much over-the-top nastiness that even I might start to feel a twinge of sympathy. Of course, Steve is fucked up in the head and would just frame that onslaight as a necessary step toward Armageddon anyway.

I’ve realized (as has Steve; he’s dumb, but only thinks about a few different things) that even if I never write another word about Steve after this, I can safely conclude that anyone naive about his ways and interested in learning about Steve McConkey and 4 Winds Christian Athletics is going to discover all of these Chimp Refuge posts and be unable to draw any conclusions other than the correct and obvious ones: Steve is a corrupt and ugly person who is hiding in the equally corrupt and ugly institution of right-wing Christianity so he can channel his grievances about his various inadequacies into trying to beat down a minority group whose behavior doesn’t concern him unless he decides it does. Visitors to this blog can conclude that I waste a lot of fucking time on this, that I used to be a drinker (and got in some trouble for it) and that I despise Evangelical Christianity at every possible entry point. But no sentient observer will ever conclude that I’m not telling the truth, so Steve can go choke on a real or metaphorical dick.

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