It’s time for Kim Duclos to quit lying about being an abuse victim (audio, anyone?)

Kim Duclos is never going to stop lying, any more than any other addict will quit indulging in a free and ubiquitous vice. She once declared to a good friend of mine, who’d been nice enough to let her room with her in Indiana, “I lie because it gets me what I want.” This was not long before she fled town owing my friend rent money and adding her to the interminable list of people she despises for no reason besides basic jealousy. The fact that Kim has undeniably reaped a great deal of pain from her dissembling habit, and has arguably ruined her own life beyond repair in the process, isn’t even on her radar, because she refuses to connect the dots between her own behavior and its negative consequences.

And really, watching her lie about her accomplishments and skills under various handles on Reddit (at least seven in the past eight or so months alone) is kind of funny. Reddit is a giant oozing anal wart of bullshit, anonymity, and resentment, making  it a perfect landing spot for her insatiable need to not only create an alternate reality, but publicize the details. When she burbles on with great confidence about things she knows next to nothing about, it’s like watching an oblivious character in a Judd Apatow or Coen Brothers film go on about his own panache and greatness even while the rest of the cast guffaws or gawks in horror. She’s back to pretending she has a full-time job in a tech field while pursuing the computer-science degree she’s been lying about chasing for close to four years now, all while not understanding or caring how the totality of her own comments across subreddits torpedoes her various claims — even in a shithole like Reddit where no one cares what you’ve supposedly done because so many others are also lying. She can prate on all she wants about the fictional existence she’s crafted in defiance of the reality that she’s a pissed-off stay-at-home toper and layabout who stands no chance of becoming an engineer; that’s her business and it doesn’t really hurt anyone else.

But, of course, most of her online flailing about is not so benign. She hasn’t stopped trying to interfere with my life in the exquisitely petty way of the powerless moron. She monitor my online tiffs with other drones and quietly gets involved, she tries to dissuade business entities from working with me, and she even attempted to get my website taken down because I have, you know, factual information posted about her there. This is all just in 2018.

Now there’s this beaut last from night

Let’s look at that first sentence in the second paragraph: “I needed help because an abusive person with a violent history against women and animals was bothering me and my SO for years; threatening and harassing me online and showing up in my neighborhood and messaging me saying he knew where I lived, even after moving.”

“An abusive person with a violent history against women and animals” refers to me; it’s obviously a false characterization, yet probably manages to be the least inaccurate thing in that entire mess. I have never once messaged Kim since early 2014, right after I fired her as a client and well before she and her caregiver-companion Sean arrived in Boulder (a move I now accept was predicated largely on my being here, a truly discomfiting prospect). I never “showed up” in the first Boulder neighborhood she lived in,  and I only pass close to her and Sean’s apartment now because their place is about a mile from my own home and across the street from the track where I work out multiple times a week. (One of my friends lives in the same cul-se-sac she does, too.) With the exception of leaving her a few blog comments in 2015 I knew she’d be too cowardly to publish, I also never responded to her even indirectly until 2016, as detailed below. And this is all moot anyway, because Kim and I live in the same 25-square-mile city, and I know people all over town. I don’t have to justify my presence on public streets anywhere to anyone, let alone a malevolent, besotted and gelatinous shut-in.

The actual events and their sequence:

1) Kim and Sean moved to Boulder in the latter part of 2014, a fact she announced on social media (and on Letsrun under a pseudonym);
2) She started a since-deleted blog dedicated to ripping me in early 2015 (my capture of the whole thing), also mentioning that she was living in Boulder;
3) She posted a picture on Facebook indicating exactly where in North Boulder she lived when she first got here (I recognized the view and the street, as I’d been here a while);
4) She kept up the libelous comments, posing as other people, and other bullshit on various websites (Letsrun, Reddit, Runner’s World, Facebook) throughout 2015 and early 2016, at some point in 2015 moving to a new part of Boulder;
5) I posted the first of my web pages about her in Feb. 2016, over a year after she started her online smear campaign;
6) Having clearly not expected any sort of pushback from me, she flipped out and lied to the police (a crime), who, unaware she was lying, told her to fill out a restraining-order petition, which she filled with even more florid lies (ironically, this was how I first found out where she and Sean now live);
7) We had our day in court in March 2016, where the judge was literally laughing at her and where he told her to knock of posting things about me as he summarily dismissed her petition;
8) She kept up, and even intensified, her disturbing behavior. It continues to this day.

After our court date was when I began regularly and overtly fighting back on social media and on my own blog, and it’s gone on for two years because Kim is too dumb, crazy, bored, and angry to realize that every time she posts more easily falsified garbage, it gives me something else to add to the pantheon and establishes that she has not changed one bit. If Kim had quit this shit two years ago, all of her meticulously documented malfeasance would have eventually aged, and people interested in finding out about her background might have been able to say, “Well, maybe she’s changed.” But she continues to keep it green, thereby shitting on the crude orts of her present life and assuring that the future will be even more bleak.

Like I’ve said, though, she really has nothing to lose, because she’ll be in someone else’s care for the rest of her hapless life; even if she could rein in her worst tendencies, she has little incentive to do so as long as Sean keeps feeding her, sheltering her, pouring booze into her and occasionally toting her around to places like Burning Man.

At this point, it’s all about a Pyrrhic “victory” for her. She knows she’s wrong and that anyone who’s assessed the situation knows it, too (including the cops) and her aim now is simply to waste my time, which I have less of than her because this battle, and others like it, is more or less her whole reason for getting out of bed.

“Boulder Safehouse will guide you to a shelter if needed, and they mentioned it to me before they new my living situation (long-term SO lives with me; neighbors and friends on my street and in my triplex all aware of the issue). I didn’t feel I needed to take up a bed in a shelter but they made it very clear it was still always available if I had to hide. The Safehouse volunteers and legal aid helped come up with other options to defend myself against the abusive person and throw him off as to where I am on a daily basis.”

Kim can’t even lie coherently. Specifics aside, it’s plain to anyone reading her screed even the most ardent advocate for women’s safety, that this is nonsense. Why would anyone who already lived with an SO even consider moving out and into a safehouse? They wouldn’t take her in such a situation anyway, considering the demand for beds. I know people who have used the local safehouse and a couple who have volunteered there, and priority is given to women with children, They wouldn’t consider taking someone in a stable living environment (even a wildly unstable person) even if her story was legitimate, and Kim’s provably full of shit about everything she says.

Even if the Safehouse Progressive Alliance (as it’s properly called) did operate as Kim describes, the admins would be furious that someone was posting things that could tip off real abusers. and there are real victims in these forums. But even if Kim were capable of thinking through the consequences of what she says, she wouldn’t care. Why? Because the world is all about her and her fucked-up emotional needs. What’s the word for someone like that? Starts with “n”…na..narciss…ah, I forget.

I had never even encountered Kim in Boulder before seeing her in court and have seen her exactly once up close in the two and a half years since. She is completely and willfully conflating the times she’s seen me at the track since I moved to within a mile of said track last July and everything that led to the court date 16 months earlier. I know she didn’t see me in the interim because for most of it I wasn’t even in Boulder.

I admit that the idea that Kim has successfully enlisted her neighbors in this asinine and fabricated attempt to “defend” herself is pretty funny. She can barely talk to other people without imploding. And I couldn’t care less where she is on a daily basis; the best imaginable outcome would be for her and Sean to move away — she has repeatedly stressed how much she hates it here anyway.

“sent a victim advocate to support me through a court session, meeting with me and my lawyer before several times before the session.”

Kim  did in fact bring a “victim advocate” to court, someone she had supposedly gone running with. I asked this person point-blank on the stand if Kim had ever described any specific things I had supposedly done to her, and she said “no.” So it was unclear what the hell the point of her presence even was.

“And PLEASE if you need any other help or info, feel free to PM me and I’ll do my best. Best advice I can give now is block him on all social media, get photos, videos, keep a journal and document any contact he has with you including dates, times and strong details.”

Uh-huh. Good one. I’m sure tons of Reddit readers are going to PM her with stories of some mysterious person who’s targeting them on Facebook, etc. and it’ll turn out to be me. And that whole suggestion doesn’t sound anything like something a paranoid liar would say — notice that there is not a single suggestion to do what anyone really being harassed would do and just call the police.

But she loves the idea of people actually messaging her so she can lie to them about me. She fails to understand the obvious ways in which this necessarily backfires every single time. I have captured her lies about her work history, her educational attainment, her running, me, everything, and everything I have included is unassailable. Even someone who thought I really was a raving violent psychopath would have to agree with the evidence, full stop.That’s why she never points anyone to it directly. And I’m not crediting myself with being a great detective or highly organized; all it takes is the ol’ Alt-PrtScr command, MS Paint, and “Save As,” and there’s yet more proof that Kim is a fucking dirtbag.

See, it’s this shit, however ineffectual it is bound to be, that compels me to keep this up (well, that and how evil she’s been to various people in my life — all of them women, as Kim is a first-rate misogynist). Any kind of “I have secrets to tell about this diabolical fucker” from some down-and-out human slag-heap I coached to respectable times for free, and helped in a variety of other ways, is not tenable. I don’t care how mentally disturbed she is. She’s allowed to post to the Internet and nominally interact with relatively normal people (I don’t think her partner-caregiver is one, but he pays the bills) so her words and actions will continue to bear consequences.

Anyway, the “audio, anyone?” in the title refers to the fact that I have a CD of the court proceedings from March 2016, and the only reason I haven’t uploaded segments of this to the Web is sheer laziness. If you think Kim appears to be a loon and a liar based on my and her own writings alone, you would be aghast (but probably not shocked) at what she sounds like for real.

One last, unrelated but amusing thing:

This is literally as dumb as claiming, “I started learning French in my home as a kid, and kept it up right through college, but after ten years in a strictly English-speaking environment I’d forgotten all of it.” (The “aspiring broadcaster” part is a new wrinkle.) But if I go down the rabbit hole of “crazy dimwit still convinced she can work in a technical field” again, I’ll never stop.

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