A solemn anniversary

A year ago today, Kim Duclos had a classic meltdown. She had just learned that Lize, Brad and I had co-written a book called “Young Runners at the Top” and had given a public talk about the book at the Boulder Bookstore five days earlier. Kim, whose already lackluster life stalled completely when she gave up serious running before she was even 30 and has been going in reverse ever since, absolutely couldn’t abide by people she likes to trash for no good reason being recognized in a positive way, so she did one of the few things that affords her a special-needs adult’s equivalent of sexual gratification and took to Letsrun.com for another classic rampage.

I’m not sure what her initial post consisted of because the Letsrun mods — who, while unconcerned with shitflinging on that message board in general, have been wise to Kim Duclos’s bullshit for years — deleted it before I or anyone I know could spot and collect it. But a friend diligently began capturing the inevitable HOW DARE YOU DELETE THE FUCKING LIES I POST HERE, YOU DICKWADS outbursts that followed.Throughout this tirade, which stretched out over a period of at least six hours, Kim attempted, albeit without muuch effort. to pose as a number of different people who are friends with Kim and each other and like to get together to talk about what a loser I am. At one point, after deleting who knows how many different threads, a moderator (someone I happen to know) started a thread linking to my pages about Kim and advising her to get help.

One of her replies to this offered perhaps the biggest chuckle out of anything she posted that evening: the accusation that I had moved closer to her and was now running on “her” track, as if any one person has domain over a public track and as if she actually trains anymore. She also advances an idea she originally proposed on Twitter a few months earlier: that she was winning prize money at road races around the country by entering under fake names.

She clearly doesn’t understand why the mods would delete a bunch of obviously fabricated accusations and insults directed at specific people by an “anonymous” person, and grows enraged at them as well.

Kim is a liability to everyone she has ever come into contact with. Some people have a gift for making the lives of everyone they touch better in some way without necessarily even trying. Kim has that same gift in reverse. As I’ve pointed out, thanks to the unfortunate results of events that occurred in her parents’ gametes before Kim was even a zygote, she was fucked from the start. She was never going to turn out to be anything but a bloated, socially incompetent, blithering and repulsive wreck. Running was able to keep some of that at bay for a while, but now her almost certainly autistic caregiver-boyfriend doesn’t support that, so she’s a full-time delusional and resentful slave to whatever events he decides to trundle her to on his own dime.

Kim has continued to do a number of things to merit significant and unkind pushback, which I am happy to supply. But the main reason, at least lately, that I keep returning to the malicious but admittedly impotent exploits of such a galactic idiot is my anger at the things she posted on Reddit in the wake of my friend Benji’s death last Christmas Eve. I am not even going to link to them, as that would mean looking at them, and re-reading all of that stuff closely will only piss me off more and lead me to spend more time rambling about a stinking human compost heap who probably won’t make it to age 45 or 50 the way she’s going.

If Kim’s golden-shower-happy (according to her, anyway) caregiver jettisoned her, she’d be on the streets or in a group home, and her continual frantic bleating about the dangers of street people and scumbag bums reflects her awareness of this. Realistically, she appears to understand that her chances of ever working in a professional field are approximately zero and that her full-throated nonsense about advanced degrees and a career in engineering or computer science are nothing more that the lunatic howls of a desperately insecure and resentful loser. But as long as someone is keeping her in a beer-and-burrito paralysis (not that she has anything really better to do) and shuttling her to shitty concerns and gatherings of eminent and accomplished hominids like Burning Man, she’ll feel periodically emboldened to do the shit she does. And besides, she’s found a perfect home on Reddit, that massive virtual psychiatric facility where anyone can safely be anyone or anything and not be called on it because most others are engaging in the same cowardly sham.

As I’ve noted before, one silver lining of being a complete nobody whose reputation is permanently in ruins among the puny number of Earthlings who even care is the dubious freedom to just keep spewing more horseshit. Just like someone who’s already 100 grand in bad credit-card debt doesn’t care if a $250 medical bill is sent to collections, Kim doesn’t really worry about more documentation of her unrestrained nonsense. I mean, it bugs her, but she understands that her life, such as it presents to anyone outside her bubble of paranoia, projection and bizarre fantasies, isn’t going to get any worse as a result. There really isn’t a lot of room left for that.


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  1. We have all seen runners who have to work extremely hard to run 25:00, if that, for 5K. They just aren’t put together for it, but they try very hard anyway, and the results are what they get. Many of them derive extreme satisfaction in their own diligent efforts, as they should.

    Kim is similarly untalented when it comes to something far more vital: being a decent human being. Her natural inclination is to be a complete fucking wretch. She covets what she does not and cannot ever have and resents the hell out of people who are smarter, better looking, or even simply luckier, and I have just described about 85% of American women.

    As a result, she would need to put in a colossal effort just to come across as reasonably civil. And she won’t, because she’s far more comfortable being a rapidly decomposing turd in the rough shape of a ramshackle human.

    Everyone I have talked to who has ever spent more than a token amount of time in her presence regrets it. They regard her as something between a morbid curiosity and an outright monstrosity.

    She will eat and drink what’s left of her life away, always vowing to start school “soon” or return to serious running “eventually” while knowing deep down that it’s all horseshit and she will live in accordance with her truest, worst impulses for as long as she’s with Sean, who in his own way is as worthless and fucked up as she is. Since she has no options in life but to be subservient to him if she wants to stave of homelessness, nothing in her macabre life will change for the better.

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