Kim Duclos very stalkerishly describes tracking an imaginary stalker

(TL;DR version: Is my own life imitating my own art? I’m tempted to call the cops to tell them that an established nutbag who lives a mile from me is chasing me around with a camera and claiming this is evidence of me stalking her.)

Kim Duclos, having given up last spring on posting her delusional output under her own name, has found what she feels is a comfortable enough home in the one Internet wildfire where no one gives a fuck if you’re lying, and where outrageous bullshit is in fact widely encouraged: Reddit. Absent anything better to do when her carcass isn’t being trundled to edifying events like Burning Man or death-metal concerts, she frequents an impressive range of subreddits, usually but not always under the handle “iCodeToYachtRock.” Here, her efforts to pose as an authority on the topic at hand are unintentionally hilarious thanks to her constitutional inability to perceive how her garbled rambling presents to people who are actually knowledgeable about these topics.

While Kim’s attempts to impersonate a future computer-science doctoral student and someone with a current programming job are good theater, she has so far reserved her best work for the subreddit called “Narcissist Abuse,” where people who believe that they have been traumatized by dangerous, self-absorbed people post like dangerously self-absorbed lunatics. Okay, not all of them do, but it’s fair to say that after a certain point, if you think your ex is a total narcissist, you might want to ask why you’re on an Internet forum complaining vociferously about his or her supposed fixation on you. And I’m probably being unfair to some real abuse victims by lumping them into the same category as Kim, whose only experience with a narcissistic mind is the feeble one trapped inside her thick skull.

Check out this thread. The original poster’s situation is irrelevant to Kim, because she just uses the presumably real pain and grief of others as a springboard to launch into her own lies, being, you know, not just a flamboyant liar but a grade-A fucking narcissist.

I really don’t think exhaustive table-setting is required to convince anyone that sane people do not churn words and phrases and ideas like this. 



Well. As Sam Harris would say, there’s a lot to unpack here. I’ll start in the middle.

“I was initially just deleting and ignoring…”

Deleting and ignoring what? If Kim is suggesting that I ever messaged her directly at any time since January 2014, when as a formality I fired her as a coaching client (such arrangements don’t work well when the client in the equation isn’t paying, isn’t training, is incessantly yammering about her fractious and twisted “love” life on Google Hangouts, and is defending being drunk all the time), she’s lying. Kim spent a great deal of energy posting lies about me in as many places as she could and posing as other people over a period of at least a year before we wound up in court in March 2016 thanks to her brazenly fabricated claim about me chasing her around in a nonexistent truck. That she embarrassed herself in jaw-dropping fashion in that courtroom didn’t slow her down a bit. Living, breathing shitstain that she is, she has continued the same antics, including e-mailing both fellow loons and people I work with in an effort to disrupt my life. Once again, another rambling Kim Duclos screed is nothing more than a piercing indictment of her own fucked-up behavior, irredeemable personality, and irreversibly disjointed mind.

But even someone who wandered across this series of comments completely naive to the identity and background of the poster could, if in possession of a trace of ordinary judgment, immediately conclude that the author of this shit is woefully fucked up.

“They had to pull records and fill out some paper work with the police when I mentioned it because it fell under some kind of safety threat that had to be documented.”

I’m sure this gave Kim a tingle to type out in the quasi-orgasmic heat of the moment, but none of this is remotely plausible. Not legally, and not functionally. If any therapist Kim has seen (and I’d bet a great deal of money she hasn’t seen a single one) believed that someone posed a legitimate threat to her safety, the cops would have contacted that person by now. And since I’m that person, I can verify that this hasn’t happened.

This paragraph deserves mention for its sheer undiluted craziness:

“The cloud is great, and use a backup spot in case something happens to your account. My boyfriend and my dad hold everything for me in addition to my Google Drive. It all comes directly from my number, social media and email accounts, so it’s traceable back to the original source. My boyfriend also holds all contact he’s received and forwards it to his step-dad who’s a DA and has dealt with a ton of cases like this and has a connection in our city from his college days.”

This sounds like Donald Trump, except that Trump would probably add that he himself is a computer expert, former district attorney, and amazing boyfriend to various porn stars.

Yeah, most people get that cloud storage is a thing and that Androids and iPhones automatically dump pics into it if their owners so desire. But “traceable to the original source”?

This brings me to my equivalent of a point, which is that this whole screed, while disjointed and incoherent in isolation, is even more surreal in context. See, if I were explaining to someone how to deal with a supposed stalker, I would not do what Kim has done here, which is establish very clearly that she possesses a wide range of alarmingly stalkerish traits herself. I would not go off on a rambling tangent about taking all sorts of photos of a person who has not once approached me in person, by e-mail, or using any messaging application. I would not claim that the local law-enforcement and psychiatric communities are firmly on my side, with those entities — along with my boyfriend, my dad, my boyfriend’s stepdad — in possession of the damning evidence I’ve compiled about my stalker.

Above all, I would be very careful to mention in very specific terms exactly what sort of threatening stuff my stalker has been up to. After all, if I wanted to help my fellow “victims,” wouldn’t I describe how my stalker is supposedly harassing me and what the content of her outbursts include?

“if you don’t feel comfortable holding the evidence…”

Yeah. Because everyone knows that no one wants to be caught dead with evidence of wrongdoing directed at them!

The clincher today, I think, is this comment she made in a different thread after she was done in “Narcissist Abuse”:


This is just more noise from Projection City. Kim, who is the most systematically horrible person I have known in my entire life, refuses to make amends in any way to the various people she’s fucked over (which would require not doing evil shit anymore, of course, and she’s not to that point anyway). She’s counting on other people forgiving her for what she’s done. They won’t. Even if she made some kind of effort to apologize, none of us would trust that she was sincere. Maybe is she could go five years without perpetrating some kind of harassment or underhanded fuckery, people would start to believe she’d changed. But the only way Kim could go five years without intentionally trying to hurt someone is if she were no longer of this Earth or barred from all human contact. She’s far too damaged to interact with society in a remotely honest, productive or acceptable way.

She’s right about one thing, though. Sean, her boyfriend, has in fact been a rock throughout all of Kim’s attacks on others and bizarre episodes — or has at least done his best to impersonate a genuine piece of mineral matter. He say through her lies in court looking very much like someone who would have preferred having his beard burned off with a welding torch to sitting there watching his swine of a domestic partner spew absolute bullshit in front of a judge who was well aware that what he was listening to was unbridled nonsense. He has been a completely non-responsive idiot who doesn’t care that his girlfriend, or fuck-doll, or whatever he regards her as, is a walking psychiatric emergency.


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