Desperate measures

Kim Duclos wrote stuff.


Paragraph 1: Kim, with an astonishing lack of comprehension of how insane her output appears even to a Kim-naive observer, tries to convince herself that none of what I’ve written about her bothers her, that no one who reads the stuff believes it, and that she has allies in her fight against “abuse.”

Paragraph 2: Kim — a social recluse who has no contacts in Boulder I know of and probably none that I don’t — invents a local ally who sympathizes with her, doesn’t like me, and has the influence to limit my social contacts. This is one of her recurrent themes: She doesn’t have any friends besides Sean, who is really more of a caregiver than a boyfriend to Kim, so she overreaches by a factor of about 50 in trying to portray herself as having defenders.

Paragraph 3: Another reiteration of “He doesn’t bother me or interfere with my amazing life at all, so I’m just gonna rant every day about him until he stops.”

FIGURE 1: A crazy mofo is on another determined Reddit roll


Paragraph 1: All of this is of course false, starting and ending with “Just ignore it” (something Kim herself is quite stridently not doing at all). She’s also lying about my trying to contact her. The entire reason I had to go to court in 2016 is that within days of me finally beginning to respond to the slanderous bullshit she’d been posting on various sites for over a year, she lost what little there is of her mind and called the cops with an absurd, provably false accusation that I had tried to run her over. (As much as such an event would be a blessing, as far as I know, no one has actually tried, certainly not me.) Kim is absolutely desperate to have the story of her sad and ungodly conduct removed from the Internet; she’s already tried in ways only a mentally ill person would even consider, much less engage in.

Notes: I have never made any accounts under Kim’s name — that would be an offense punishable by banning if reported to the platform owner (and again, her ineluctable “reverse girl” process is at work here; Kim has posted as “Kevin Beck” on before.) I have, however, made a number of accounts dedicated to reinforcing what a shitty, self-immolating person she is. Clearly she doesn’t like this. In that case, she can either stop reading them or stop being a piece of worthless shit.

I have indeed received open-container/public-intoxication tickets in Boulder. The last one was in 2016, which is also not coincidentally the last time I touched any alcohol. And while she’s fond of claiming that I am driving without a license, she’s making up that and the stuff about DUIs.

Paragraph 2:  Not a single sentient person who’s truly familiar with this situation believes a single detail of Kim’s story over mine. This isn’t because I’m a master persuader, although it helps not to be a shambling cognitive cripple like Kim; it’s because it’s impossible to argue with screen shots and other files containing Kim’s own words. And here’s the thing: Even if Kim were telling the truth, and someone really had reached out to her saying “fuck that guy,” it wouldn’t matter because Kim would still be lying and I would still be telling the truth. I wouldn’t care if she could enlist 1,000 fellow crazy-ass dumbfucks to buy into her nonsense. Someone would still have to make the case that what I have been writing about her is wrong. This is by definition impossible.

Notes — there are some interesting details here. Like “That guy unblocked me on social media and sent me a message asking if I’m doing OK.” Why would this person have blocked Kim or been blocked by her in the first place? Why is Kim only now announcing what she would consider a genuine triumph had it really happened? And why have I not noticed that someone I’m acquainted with now “refuses to help or work with [me] in anyway [sic]”?

Also, when does she think I last moved? How am I managing to train and race if I’m in a drunken stupor? Where did I manage to get a car and drive it back and forth across the whole country this spring? She’s well aware of these details because she reads my other blog, among other things. And recently I saw someone who looks a lot like her waddling past my residence and looking furtive — I don’t think it was her, but it was across the street and so I can’t say for sure. She would only have to walk about a mile to get here, and as far as she’s fallen from her running days, she’s probably still capable of that much.

The greatest source if hilarity is Kim’s claim to be thriving in life. She knows I and others reading that crap know otherwise. She knows that even I am not the one who turned her in for lying about working for a small local telecom company, I certainly know about it because I’ve mentioned it here. She knows I know she’s not in school and that she hates Boulder, things she admitted under a different Reddit handle last fall when she had no idea I was reading along. Why not just embrace the fail? I know she’d be happier if she just admitted her goals are about nineteen levels over her head. Even smart, sane, sober people would have a hard time doing half the things Kim claims she wants to do (and sometimes claims she’s already doing). If she can work any job for even six months, it will represent a massive personal triumph no matter what it is, so hampered is she by her every punishing quirk and deficit.

Paragraph 3: Kim writes. “I wish I had been more outspoken from the start, but I’m a passive/avoidance type who hopes bad people just go away if they don’t get my attention.”

Not for the first time or even the fifth, I will once again emphasize the obvious: If my posts and web pages about Kim were false, she would have indeed “been outspoken from the start” — under her own name. In fact, she’s been threatening to do this off and on for years.



She has no financial resources (although her caregiver does), but she wouldn’t need them to find a Legal Aid lawyer willing to take her case. A host of actions she has taken — contacting other people who have mentioned Kim’s and my past coach-runner relationship in an effort to get them to remove the relevant text, reporting my website as abusive to my hosting provider, trying to get my Twitter account(s) deleted, and others — have been nothing more than “Hail Mary” efforts to scrub or delegitimize my writing about her. She has tried everything someone with a mental disorder and zero facts on her side could possibly think of in an effort to wipe the Internet clean of evidence about how useless her life is. If there were a way to legally compel this, she would have done so over two years ago. She’s stuck with it and she doesn’t like it, yet she keeps adding to the pantheon of awful and insane Kim Duclos behavior. As a result of this and other issues, she can eat shit.


Kim has again not only authored something that looks bugfuck insane, but has directed it only at the very people who are going to giggle about it. How does she think the world works? Is she really convinced that I’m going to look at this kind of shit and say to myself, “Whoa. I must have been shunned without even knowing it”?

Whether she can admit it or not, her best option right now — from her perspective, not mine — would be just shutting the fuck up about me and people I know and not insinuating herself into any of my dealings with people that she observes while hunkered down at home, the ethanol in her tortured belly fighting for primacy with the dozen or so burritos she washed down with the ethanol. When she shuts up, I stop calling attention to her. When she starts yapping again, I do too. If she wants to yap about harmless childish stupid shit, however nutty it might look, I don’t care.

On the other hand, if she wants to keep winning, and feeling like she feels as she reads this, that’s her choice.

Finally, so much for Kim’s assertion, under the same Reddit handle, that after she went to Burning Man, all of the negativity she’d been feeling had magically disappeared, along with various similar ideas she’s been promulgating all along.