Adventures in courtroom lying, part 2: Kim Duclos falsely accuses a runner of cheating (audio)

This is the second in a series of posts about a March 14, 2016 court hearing pertaining to reciprocal restraining orders Kim Duclos (now operating as “I_Code _to _Yacht_Rock” on Reddit) and I had recently petitioned for. In addition to lying to the police on Feb. 26, 2016 about a nonexistent episode of harassment to trigger this whole mess and lying on a restraining-order petition the following Monday (Feb. 29, 2016), Kim lied repeatedly before a judge in court at the hearing (I think there’s a word for that) and has been periodically lying about both the nature of the hearing itself and events addressed in the hearing. She has also continued to hector my friends as well as attempt to interfere with my personal and business life. Ergo, this series of posts, which will reveal even more forcefully what a sociopathic and malevolent liar Kim Duclos is.

Moreover, Kim Duclos is a criminal. Lying to the police, on court paperwork, and in a court hearing itself are crimes, especially when you do make up these stories to try to get someone in trouble. As you’ll see throughout these posts, Kim has the personal ethics of a starving, drunken hyena. I want to emphasize this because of Kim’s frantic and throaty insistence that I’m a dangerous scofflaw myself. 

The audio clips were generated using Audacity and taken from the official .TRM files supplied to me by Boulder District Court. The audio itself has not been altered in any way. The hearing took place from 1:21 p.m. to 3:39 p.m. MST.

This picks up where the last installment left off, a little over halfway through the proceeding.

Because Kim Duclos is saddled a with very low level of social awareness, leaving her unable to perceive how her words and actions look to normal people, she made some strange choices in terms of what to present to the court to show that I was supposedly harassing her. Even less helpful were her attempts to refute allegations that she herself was a shit-stirring, lying loon. One of these was was her attempt to explain my website reference to her accusing a New Hampshire runner who was one of my teammates in my CMS days of cheating to win a race that he didn’t even finish. Here are the results.

The link in this passage goes to a screen shot of the public Facebook conversation, which occurred almost a year before Kim’s and my court appearance and was forwarded to me in real time by one of the numerous parties who were already aware of her aggressively off-kilter ways.

At the start of today’s episode of How Do People Get This Fucked Up and Shitty?, an Exhibit 11 was newly under discussion. This item was part of a packet prepared by Kim’s lawyer, who was late to the hearing and came across as some combination of dumb, unmotivated, and under-prepared. The two of them had not actually met before the hearing; I discovered during the proceedings that Kim had e-mailed him a bunch of stuff and he’d entered it all into the record without, in many cases, even knowing why it was there.

Exhibit 11 included a capture of a Facebook message I had recently sent to a quasi-friend of Kim’s (they’re not friends now) plus the screen shot noted above. I’ve magnified that screen shot by breaking it into chunks here.

It is critical to keep in mind that the judge and everyone else on the room was looking at these as Kim starts speaking in this 2-minute, 28-second audio clip. Based on this simple fact, you wouldn’t expect her to start claiming that material plainly not in the conversation was actually there, or conversely, that words on the page that she’d clearly typed and posted were not in fact included. In other words, you’d expect an acknowledgement of the words themselves followed by a lame effort to cast them as a joke or something other than what they clearly were.

Kim, who knew coming in she’d be lying by definition from the start, evidently didn’t care enough to even go this far. That or she’s even dumber than I realized. Anyway…

Kim’s story: Kim says that she and a friend (Zachary, above) had engaged in an earlier conversation about someone who had cheated in a race in which Zach had taken part (he finished 8th). She says, “This guy who was leading…I guess there’s controversy that he dropped out.” She says her “partner” had been in second place, or maybe she was talking about Mr. Tilton. She says, “The guy finished in 7:06 in an ultra,” as if this alone is incriminating or as if the time would mean anything to the judge regardless of the race distance. Notably, she says “I don’t know all the details, I only know what Pligge told me,” thereby blaming her good friend Zach for the whole mess. She goes on to describe how Zach had offered a statistical analysis proving that Mr. Tilton had cheated. She also described how she had told Zach earlier that she had been a CMS member for 10 years and a wonderfully useful one at that.

It seems appropriate to point out again that Mr. Tilton did not even finish the race in question. The winner ran 7:06 and was not disqualified.

“Pligge’s real; he’s a real person,” Kim helpfully rambles on. Her lawyer then changes the subject to me sending her friend the message included above. She notes that she thinks I sent it on Feb. 23, the Tuesday before she “had to call the police on the whole situation.” The lawyer then asks if she’s seen any other messages from me to her friends, to which she responds “I haven’t seen any of the old ones, I just told people to delete and ignore them…nobody has sent me the actual messages, I just know about them. People were getting upset and I had to do a lot of explaining.” She’s correct that a number of people did in fact became very upset at Kim for wrongly accusing a popular, low-key runner of cheating when this was not only unfounded but by definition impossible since the runner did not even cross the finish line. She then pivots to what sort of things she thinks I e-mailed Sean, her boyfriend, even though she admits didn’t see that message either.

She made up the story to start with, adding all sorts of gratuitous details about how the club that supported her efforts was — irony meters, brace yourselves — prone to unfounded, destructive gossip. Then she lied blatantly about that conversation while she and others were looking at it. My favorite might be her claiming to have mentioned being a race director ..  that wasn’t in there.

The actual story: Well, this one speaks for itself. Kim, bringing up the 50-miler as a “side note” for some reason, confidently and emphatically identifies KT as a cheater. She accuses him of cheating three times in two back-to-back comments and posts his photo just to ice the deal. She adds that CMS has “lots of dirt” and “lost sponsorship for screwy reasons,” and twice claims that CMS people like to trash-talk SISU people (SISU is the club her friend belongs or belonged to, as you can probably tell). She also speaks in a derogatory way about Boulder, altitude training, USATF, and New England.

And remember, this is Kim Duclos posting openly as Kim Duclos. Given that she’s willing to go this far even when her name is attached to something, it shouldn’t be at all surprising that the horseshit she spews “anonymously” is often catastrophically fucked up.

Meanwhile, Mr. Pligge is making an obvious and energetic effort to distance himself from any accusations of cheating, something Kim was too bent on flinging around malicious nonsense to notice. He says he was aware “something” happened up front. Kim took that as carte blanche to keep ranting, so Mr. Pligge stresses anew that he really doesn’t want to be included in what is obviously a one-torch witch hunt. Kim doesn’t care or doesn’t get it.

This is someone who loves lying and conflict for its own inherent rewards, whatever the hell those are. She lied in the Facebook thread, then lied in court about that lying, and both times it was obvious as hell.

As a postscript, she never ran the Clarence DeMar Marathon or visited Massachusetts that fall (or, I would bet my life, a single time since leaving for Indiana in 2010) and hasn’t recorded a marathon finish since 2012. She is no longer Facebook friends with either Cait or her mother, whatever one makes of that. I know that Mr. Pligge was unhappy with Kim for creating a Facebook account in the name of one of his friends in Indiana so she could hector one of my friends with bullshit. In short, I am hardly the only former friend or friend-equivalent Kim has had issues with; it’s safe to say, actually, that she has proven incapable of maintaining any long-term friendships, not counting her boyfriend-cum-caregiver.

As another postscript, Kim’s penchant for pointless and obvious lying was firmly in place well before I met her. In this June 2009 profile, she gushes about having run a PR of 2:44:32 at the L.A. Marathon on Memorial Day. In this post-race interview four months later (in which I am the newly hired coach she mentions), she says that she had essentially lost an entire year of running thanks to the side effects of Claritin, with no mention of the recent 2:44.

The next installment will include Kim’s description of my supposed attacks on her using a mysterious truck as well as evil laughter.

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