4 Winds “sports ministry” president Steve McConkey attempts blackmail, warned off by police

From the discarded files of GQ MagazineExecutive summary: In 2018, I wrote about one Steve McConkey, an unusually crazy and unlovable bigot. Last Friday, he demanded that I remove those posts or else he’d ruin my life by exposing evidence of my sordid legal past, just like he ruined my life last year when he revealed to the world the previously unknown fact that I was once a drunk and even went to jail a few times as a result. I confess that I am deeply afraid of admitting these things as I begin my fourth straight alcohol-free year in a row.

I refused to comply, not kindly, and informed Steve numerous times I’d be publicly posting our exchange unless he immediately directed his energies elsewhere. He didn’t, so here it is. That’s the raw file, available for anyone who might doubt the veracity of the heavily annotated version below. (Obviously I have the real original as well.)

Steve’s mood and level of coherence varied considerably over the weekend, as is characteristic of people who look like the person in the photo above does. On Monday I told Steve I’d be reporting further contact as harassment. Despite not knowing many words or how to use them properly, he craves having the last one, so kept messaging me, even after I forwarded him the e-mail I’d received from the Madison police confirming my report to them. Ultimately, the Boulder Police Department also had to get involved, and warned off this cheerful slice of humanity, much to its immediate anger and throaty dismay. He wrote at least seven different online postings in the next two-plus days about me stalking him, every one of which attempts to portray me as an aggressor. By this morning, he had started deleting these and replacing them with new ones, as is typical for both him and crackpot Internet users in general, and my pointless exercise in discretion concerning whether I would post this ended.

Remember: I have written nothing about Steve McConkey since July 2018, and until last Friday had had no contact with him at all.

This image from last July made it into the e-mail exchange as well, but it’s important to fix it in your mind because it represents an actionable claim — provably false and with the intent to defame. And even though no one of consequence pays attention to what Steve says — including, it seems, his own adult children, bless their hearts — he does have close to 5,000 Facebook friends. (Never mind the substance of the post, which as usual bears little resemblance to the reality experienced by virtually all others.)

I’ve already been told by various lawyers that this would be a slam-dunk lawsuit, and Steve has his dear friend Kim Duclos to thank for that one. But even if I felt like going after him, he doesn’t have any money, and even if he did have worth and I could sue him for free, it’s just a lot less work to periodically knock him into a state of agitation so gripping and extreme that he’s unable to harass anyone else for a spell. I’m announcing this, and he won’t be able to change his behavior anyway. I can already tell you what his next eight steps will be after he reads this.

That’s all you really need to know and represents the most merciful accounting of the events I can command after a number of halfhearted tries at rhetorical restraint. So, if you don’t want to be triggered by unkind descriptions of some of our close primate cousins in the world of Evangelical Christianity, and my various plans to disrupt some of their miserable and pointless lives, don’t read further. You may start bawling hysterically like Steve himself does when people accurately describe the indefatigably misguided maniac he sees leering at him from the mirror.

Once more, with feeling:

In March 2018, one of my Facebook friends pointed me at the page of a religious loon whose only aim in life is ridding it of gay people and atheists, especially but not only in sports. He has been unemployed for his entire adult life — over 40 years of soliciting handouts under the guise of a “ministry” called 4 WINDS that is nothing more than a tax scam and relentless purge-the-queers harassment campaign. Even other conservative Christians with their squash intact don’t associate with him, kind of like very few “normal” GOP members of U.S. Congress really want to be in a photo with Matt Gaetz.

I first went after this guy on Facebook on sight after an instigator friend directed me to a crass comment Steve made about Stephen Hawking in the immediate wake of Hawking’s death, and that sparked a months-long online war wherein Steve proved to be even more insane, with even more time on his hands, than I thought, even for someone who obviously would have perished or been permanently institutionalized long ago without external support. That support in this case comes packaged with the enabling of a hate-driven, unintentionally comical, mostly sad life spent in front of a keyboard worshiping a god named Steve McConkey, as none of the real imaginary deities out there would remotely approve of any of the garbage flowing from Steve’s gnarled fingers and face. At any rate, I admit to starting this war originally. He’s a foul bastard, unusually so even for a fundie, but unlike the case with Kim I had no personal reason to hector him. Thanks, John.

I quickly found out that Steve McConkey, in a nutshell, is a beggar, a fraud, off his rocker to varying degrees, and very proud of every ounce of his foulness, at least to watch him present himself. I doubt your arm needs twisting, but you can easily confirm all of this for yourself by looking at Steve’s own painfully bad writing, never mind what I and others say about him. He poses as a Bible-believing Christian, although his morbid fear of death suggests he either realizes that heaven and hell are childish human constructs or understands that he wouldn’t qualify for even a probationary version of heaven if one were available. He lies and contradicts himself constantly, he’s insecure as hell, and, oh yeah, he’s seriously nuts. He should consider himself lucky he’s deluded when it comes to matters ecclesiastical, because he’d obviously be moved to the front of Satan’s forced-sodomy line if such a queue of ignominy existed. He enjoys a rich history of nonexistent coaching accomplishments and imaginary USATF involvement, and devotes his entire life to unsuccessfully battling homosexuality (society’s and most likely his own) and transgenderism in all their guises, religions other than his warped one, evolution, and other evils from the safety of his keyboard in Wisconsin. And yes, he considers slandering people and attacking strangers, some of them minors, to be “work.” (Purposeless agitators like Steve and Kim are fond of describing their all-day-every-day lying and online trolling as “work.”)

Steve’s basic strategy last year was to publicize my arrest record and harass Lize, thinking, apparently, that these things would shame me into silence. He was wrong, in part because he refuses to accept, largely thanks to Kim’s influence, that I really am a well-behaved and stable chap these days despite my various manifest complaints, and as a result am not making my way drunk and naked across the country in a series of railroad boxcars to pay Steve a personal visit with a sharpened Jesus dildo.

Sadly, over the four months or so I followed Steve McConkey, I collected countless screen shots of his posts (remember when doing this took more than two seconds?) and used them to expose a variety of his lies, which are too numerous to keep up with; I probably have about fifty I haven’t unfurled yet, and since Steve is intent on cleaning up after his messes, many of these represent opportunities to expose other lies. He’s fond of keeping Facebook and 4 Winds USA posts up for a few weeks or months and then deleting or modifying them, as if he understands completely well despite his frailties that if he actually had any material worth — my guess is that he’s supported by some combination of his adult children chipping in and the peanuts he gets from donations, plus possibly Uncle Sam — someone could have cleaned him out by now.

The most recent of my posts about him, as you can see, is about sixteen months old. As you delve into the exchange, you’ll soon learn why Steve was so miffed to see my material about him anew. He’s done this very thing before, responding to legitimate criticism of his pissant ways with attempts to bully people into submission with smears, shaming and, incredibly, indignation. His frustration over the lack of efficacy of this strategy, combined with the catastrophic extent of his billowing confusion, has him extremely upset. Steve is a whiny sort by nature, which is annoying but if nothing else is congruent with the dye-jobbed-space-alien-in-a-tracksuit look, so he’s always whining about something, but I really get his Depends in a crapwad.

Note the number of times I assured Steve I’d be making our “talk” public, and also keep this in mind yourself as you absorb some of my word and stylistic choices. But of course he went at and again and again, and is still at it, because like most of his ilk, Steve tries to compensate for an absence of rhetorical competence and integrity with glowering, bestial persistence.

Because of my collector status, Steve, who sounds like Kermit the Frog trying to talk through a mouthful of his own semen when he speaks, did me a considerable favor by writing at least five Facebook posts and two 4 Winds entries in the two or three days after I politely suggested he return to his furtive self-abuse in front of one of the Chippendales calendars he’s kept carefully concealed from his wife. (I didn’t actually say that, but I should have, because Steve absolutely hates the insinuation that his motives for gay-bashing are exactly what 99 percent of people who read his painfully primitive garbage, unbeknownst to Steve, reasonably assume they are.) This is in addition to his completely off-the-wall e-mails about me stalking him, and he appears to have locked himself into a thought process that consists of KEVIN BECK IS STALKING ME BECAUSE HE MUST BE A HOMOSEXUAL and little else. (Well, Chik-Fil-A sure let him down.) The end result is a load of very recent screen shots you’ll see if you keep scrolling.

Some of the annotations  are for my own amusement, but others, especially the ones including screen shots, add important context, and if you’ve read this far, you’re going to read the whole conversation.

So, about those e-mails:


Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 3:16 PM
to me

I see the site https://chimprefuge.com/tag/steve-mcconkey/ is still up. Please remove or I will put legal stuff up again and distribute. Thanks. Steve

[From the grammatical infelicities to committing extortion in plain sight, Steve must think he’s part of the Trump administration. He’s certainly like to sit on dear old Donald’s lap this Christmas, or, you know, whenever.]

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 4:13 PM
to Steve

Maybe you don’t remember this, but the only reason I called a cease-fire with you last year is because I was sick of how much time I was wasting on a mentally ill wombat who was never going to be any different. It has nothing to do with the stuff you had posted months before, which had absolutely no effect except to piss me off — and then piss me off even more when you dragged Lize into it.

You also helped make Kim Duclos’ life even worse than it already was (not that I care — like you, she’s got intractable psychiatric issues, but deserves every bit of emphatic opprobrium she has received) by believing her raving horseshit about me being on disability etc etc etc and giving me a good reason to renew my writing about her. After the two of you joined demented anti-forces and tried to get my blogs and site taken down, thereby exposing just how much you both really do care how easy it is to find out not just what awful people but also what corrupt liars you are, I realized I’d have a reason one day to have the stuff handy.

No, I can see that you’re forgetting that I told you already that you had screwed up by threatening to post “legal stuff” about me to compel some kind of behavior on my part. And you’re doing it again.

You apparently don’t care how stupid you look and never did, but what’s your headline about me going to be this time? I haven’t attacked you. You came out of the blue today to complain about writing you already knew about and is now over a year old. You can go ahead and start in again as if I did something new to you, and I’ll show them this e-mail you just sent me along with my own response. You seem completely oblivious to the real trouble you could get into, most likely because you can’t really be sued to any effect — you would be a helpless pauper without the financial help of your adult children and the few twits who might occasionally reward your crazed rambling about gay people with a PayPal handout here and there.

I was avoiding your Facebook page for the most part, but noticed in recent months that in accordance with current events, you have managed to become even more vile and deluded; for example, you appear to sincerely believe that you have swayed legal decisions about transgender or intersex athlete participation in sports, as if the ravings of insecure religious homophobes and lifelong layabouts are considered right alongside the needs of the affected athletes. (I notice that Facebook appears to have dropped the hammer on you with greater frequency. But that’s right — despite posting continually on Facebook, you say you don’t really care about Facebook.)

Here’s my promise. If this ill-advised e-mail to me proves to be your only action, I won’t write any more about you (and you’ve provided a lot of fresh material) or emphasize what’s there on the blog now, which I admit already says it all. Again, I don’t feel like wasting more time arguing with a guy whose own life is spent entirely doing insane shit and screaming about how he and his flat-faced cow of of a wife [I don’t mean this, but I’ll say things exactly like it as needed] managed to squeeze out three kids in order to justify having wasted 40+ years’ worth of potentially contributory time. You’ll just keep going. You won’t win, and you’ll think about me all goddamn day long, but you’ll keep going. Because I will be meaner. I won’t bother so much with you and your antics as I will the lives of the people who regularly post on your Facebook page. Because their comments are public, and most of their own posts tend to be public, it is very easy to find out unflattering information about a lot of them (you have a lot of fuckups on your Timeline, which is not a surprise). Some of them even have jobs and employers they identify. So your wife, the other 4 Winds dudes, and everything else I connected to you I feel like writing about will be fair game. And those old posts will soar in the Google rankings — which is all you care about. [All true. Steve has a lot of pro-gun types and brazen racists and other bigots commenting on his public Facebook page, a few of which really have told him practically outright to shoot me, and a lot of those people in turn have pages featuring public posts of a similar nature. Some of the really vile ones may eventually get the same treatment here as Steve has, but that’s really up to him.]

On the other hand, you can accept the writing I have done about you as the cost of being a public piece of shit. I rarely think about you — I just reposted everything with a few simple clicks and if people find it, they find it. There is absolutely nothing false in there and you know it.

Remember, the only people you can possibly influence here are other losers like you with nothing better to do than cloak their madness and personal deficiencies in religious nonsense. And you can make me mad again. As it is, it concerns me when slurring goofballs who look like badly aging versions of Ronald McDonald in an old track suit reach out to me for any reason.

I am giving you an easy choice, Steve. Pray on it. You poke this bear, I will drag not just you but everyone who has said bigoted things on your wall through as much shit as I can. You know it’s painfully easy to do that to people, right? The public goes nuts over religious bigotry. Not so much about a few old misdemeanors by someone who now his life in order and when any people involved have publicly repudiated you.

You have plainly made more online enemies since we “parted ways.” A lot of them. You can’t help it. I strongly suggest you pretend you never made this threat and focus on those adversaries because if you really think you want the stress of dealing with an even more vindictive me than before, you are probably misjudging. This is serious advice and you should pray about it. If you think a fight with me will enhance your primary quest to eliminate gays and trans people from the world, you would be better served considering the ways in which it will be an assured distraction from this dubious enterprise.

As sad as it is that pieces of shit like you exist in society, I take solace in knowing that you personally are in the twilight of a shitty life and your brand of “faith” is steady sliding into irrelevance. But in the end, I don’t rely in Internet wars for sustenance like you do; they’re just a form of entertainment. But you’ve seen how much I can write in a short time. This took 15…no, 14 minutes.

I believe my position here is unambiguous.

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 4:59 PM 
to me

Game on. Will post tonight at midnight about you if you do not take the stuff down. Don’t forget I have insurance to defend ourselves, plus new lawyers. Also, I legally have the right to go over your legal stuff and publish. Talked to lawyers since then. Papers do it all the time and I will summarize your records. They are public records. Will have to get new ones in Colorado to see if new charges. Start your lawsuit. I see the outfit out east has your legal documents up. You can do nothing. I will await your lawsuit.

[He actually waited until the next afternoon to do this. Just like that, he accuses me of stalking him after failing to get what he wanted via blackmail. I really should be a lot meaner to this motherfucker than I am, no matter how this originally got going.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 5:11 PM
to me

Also, have a right to defend myself. If you attack a person, they have a right to show the stalker’s intent and character. Start up your Twitter again. Can’t wait. I have not read 1% of what you printed. Plus, you are great for fundraising.

[Lots to unpack here. First, Steve admits, not for the first time, that he seeks to gain monetarily from the publication of somewhat true damaging information about me and from my presence in general, unless I bend to his will and remove entirely true damaging information about him — information he feels will limit him financially if it remains publicly available. I wonder how this blatant attempt at blackmail would play out in the criminal courts.

Then there’s the invitation for me to use a Twitter to go after him. Duly noted, but people complaining of being stalked don’t bolster their case by immediately picking a new fight.

Finally, if he hasn’t read even a hundredth of what I’ve “printed,” how is he capable of disliking it so intensely?]

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 5:45 PM 
to Steve

You honestly don’t get it. I just told you how bad you’ll look — not only for renewing an old fight unprovoked, but also for refocusing attention on the things I wrote about you. If you start in with that, you will only draw more attention to yourself and what a liar you are. And then you’ll be even more insanely pissed because I will write about that as well, and all of the things I’ve written about you will shoot to the top of the Google rankings with virtually no additional work on my part. When people see who’s posting things about me, it takes no work at all to see what a sad old joke you are. It’s like you enjoy tightening the noose around your wattled old scrawny-ass neck.

I also don’t care how much you publicize those records. Like I said, no one with a brain cares — how did that go last time? I apparently wasn’t shamed into nonexistence or silence. I’ve cleaned up my life in the past four years, and been very prosperous, so happy hunting for more charges. Meanwhile you are an asshole to the very present, in every way, and give evidence of it all the time on a public Facebook page. For every shithead who agrees with you on Facebook are 99 more who think you’re an abomination — and that’s just the other Christians. Again, you know there is a reason people call you out, and it’s not because you are chosen to fight the LORD’s fight. It’s because you are what people say you are: An insane prick, with no life skills and reduced to begging and petty revenge quests. All full of PRIDE, pretending he was ever someone in track and field. How many times has Jill had to tell you to quit lying about being in the employ of USATF this year? [I was referring to this episode. Steve used to periodically claim in his Facebook Intro that he worked for USATF, and someone from USATF would ask him patiently to remove it again. I’d forgotten about the other absurdities noted in that post until just now.]

I said I wouldn’t bother suing you despite whatever grounds I might have, because you don’t have a pot to piss in. [Remember that.] Even if you did, I would do what I will do in this case and costs me nothing at all: I’ll start writing about randomly selected assholes on your page as well as adding to my canon of material about you. We’ll see what a happening place for discussion your page becomes when people suddenly realize they might get torpedoed for expressing what some consider hate speech.

Actually, at some level, you do get it. You know that every single thing I wrote about you is true because I you’ve seen the screen shots and other evidence. It kills you that you can’t get rid of it. You’ve made the idle threats of legal action and talked about how much money I’ve made you — all old. You have lied continuously for years, and the world can see it. You are like a walking advertisement for a Christian demonstrating to the world that he plans to be first in line for Hell. You have humiliated yourself for years, pretending all along that the IAAF and other governing bodies read your correspondence, and you finally pissed someone off enough to drag up evidence of your old lies and misdeeds (like wrecking a car while drunk and that “experimentation” late at night in Minnesota dorm rooms). [Remember that, too.] So now you want to bully me into taking it down. It’s not going to happen — and I’m glad for this very e-mail exchange, because it will show the precise timeline of everything, you self-incriminating fucking idiot.

You plainly cannot understand this, but there is a reason people have been telling you all of your life that you are a piece of shit of a human being as well as nuts. And a fake Christian to the core — no one defending “God’s word” would say “Game on” after picking a fight. But you are a liar to your rotten, stupid, ugly core. Maybe that’s why the rest of your family doesn’t seem eager to embrace their old man’s ravings. You’re lucky they even tolerate and support you at all, given that you couldn’t get off your ass to get a job when they were young.

So, you can resign yourself to your own bullshit having been immortalized forever if anyone wants to dig a little, or you can make sure it goes right to the top of the rankings again because it’s very easy to bounce that blog’s results up high on Google given your uncommon name. I’m genuinely curious to see if you can resist the pain of NOT acting against your own interests. [I’m not sure he understood the particulars about the different Google futures I was trying to portray.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 6:02 PM
to me

Get your stories straight below. Became a Christian after Wisconsin. Minnesota, I never drank. Make up stuff you have a lawsuit . Remember, I have Liberty Council ready to sue you. New lawyers new day. Talked to them yesterday and top dogs said they would defend me anywhere within a week. Look them up.

[Steve seems to think that if I say something unsavory to him in private, like “Your balls are the size of bacterial spores,” it constitutes defamation and he can sue me for it. Or maybe he was worried that I was signaling what I intended to write about, which I wasn’t.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 7:03 PM
to Steve

It’s Liberty COUNSEL, you fucking halfwit. And even those assholes wouldn’t take on someone as clearly insane as you are.

Are you really claiming that you never drank? Really? Do you think that when you delete things you’ve posted online, the evidence goes away?

Note that in the post below, you make an actionable claim: You state that I am on mental disability, full stop. I can easily prove that this has never been the case, and is clearly both false AND a conscious effort to defame. And that’s without even throwing this e-mail exchange into the mix.

I think it’s great that you simultaneously claim to have read < 1 percent of my writing, yet claim to know it includes false allegations. You should probably suck it up and read all of it, if you can tolerate the rancid stink of your own lies and defeat. [He probably did stop referring back to my posts the moment he realized with horror that all of what I wrote was true, or more to the point, none of it was knowingly false. That is, once he realized he can’t sue me, the idea was to pretend it wasn’t there and do shit like he’s doing here to get it taken down. But it looks like he’s been checking my blogs for updates about him almost daily for…a long time now.]

Do you plan to claim that the posts below did not come from you? Because I have dozens, many of which I never used.

[Assuming this account is true, it might be possible to go back and find paper records of this incident if the police were involved. He offers a narrow time frame and a location. Then maybe I can post the particulars of that ancient misdeed and any other demerits I find against him, and the voting public can decide whether Steve’s drunken lunacy was worse than mine. Obviously, he’s the better person because he’s the Christian and has done a lot to advance society in four decades of sobriety, but it would be unfair to count that against me.]

You seem to have gone from “You can’t sue me” to “I can sue you.” I have no interest in suing you (though you keep giving me plausible reasons to do so) [That’s he second time I stressed this], but I could return to simply embarrassing you. Frankly, as you’ve seen, I couldn’t give a shit what you or malformed people like you think about me and my imperfect life. I mean go ahead and waste money getting Christian scam sites to distribute your “press releases” if you want. It will end roughly as it did last time, only more quickly because I will draw a lot of unsuspecting other people into it, and ultimately they will pay a price for your pettiness and reckless ways. [Once again, all true. Every time Steve writes about me, he mentions every business or product he can associate me with in an attempt to fuck it up, and even e-mails them, a la Kim. That people shake their head at  is immaterial; I will have no remorse about posting things about his followers. Take a look at the things some of them say for all to see, both on Steve’s page and their own.]

You even said yourself last year that you don’t want to interfere with “my work,” as if writing about you is come kind of life calling. It’s not. But if that’s true, then have the courage of your convictions, and let the existing posts stand so that people who discover them can make up their own minds about you — a proven serial liar. You have paid a lasting price for fucking with the wrong person and you should be thankful it’s not a lot worse. For now, my posts about you are findable, but not all that prominent. If you decide to reignite this dormant conflict, you will be the affirmed aggressor AND all of my old posts about you will resurface high in the rankings thanks to the help of Atheist Reddit and other hubs. Those people can be REAL assholes to Christians and ersatz Christians like you.

Seriously, prove you can let something go. I learned thanks to you that I’m honestly proud of the person I became after making my share of mistakes. and that their being publicly available only makes it that much easier to move past and even joke about them where applicable.

I don’t have a reputation as an angel to protect anyway. That’s because I don’t beg for a living like you do.

Remember, I have DOZENS of these [screenshots].

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 7:09 PM
to me

Look up Steve McConkey testimony on Google. Did drink in Wisconsin. The difference between you and me. You are a loser drunk nobody. You did it. Your mom is just like you. Instead of correcting you, she raised an idiot.

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 7:30 PM
to Steve

I don’t understand why any functioning adult can write “Google this and that” instead of offering a link, but then again you’re not really functioning.

You need to communicate in something other then the electronic equivalent of grunts if you want me to understand you. Sentence fragments not helpful. Mistakes in communication. Not mine.

So, both of our moms raised boys who went on to have drinking problems, but only mine is an idiot. OK. You really did just sink to insulting my mom. Jesus, you’re funny.

So, this has gone from “Take down your facts about me” to “You’re a loser nobody.” Steve, regardless of my mistakes and having to live in a world full of inbred babbling racist cunt-sucks like you, I have proven myself quite dexterous and self-reliant on demand, and also a lot more honorable than you no matter my tone because I don’t make up stories about other people. You have spent 40 years LOSING in every imaginable way, what with LGBTQ etc advances, despite not even having a career to lose at. So before calling someone who has actually contributed to the running and greater community, well, have a look in the mirror I mean really — it’s gotta gnaw at you that you wasted your life on this bullshit.

I wonder why you decided to do this today, when you’ve known about those posts for weeks now? I don’t want an answer, it’s just weird.

I think you’re better off insulting me here than following through on your threats to revive a war — I don’t mind that at all. But keep in mind that if your cowardice has really kept you from reading my posts about you closely, or at all, then you are in for one fuck of a surprise if you think I can be made to remove a single word.

I reposted that shit because I despise what you stand for, but I have some grudging mercy toward the mentally unstable, so I did not re-publicize it. I let Google pick it up passively. If you want a less desirable outcome, push away. If you’re willing to accept my posts as the costs of doing your anti-humanistic business, then we can stop this shit now because I have better things to do and I imagine you do too. Why not fucking watch football this weekend instead of succumbing to the call of your darker impulses?

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 7:43 PM
to me

Go for it. If you say something that is a total lie, you will be in trouble. I cannot stop what you think or your opinion, even teasing and mocking. Any fact that is a lie, you will be sued to stop. [Quick, name one factual lie. By anybody.] Trust me, I have been in touch with lawyers. Here is my contact. Please call him and ask. I will give him a heads up that you may call him. Please do. Steve


It was good talking today.

Richard L. Mast, Esq.*
Senior Litigation Counsel
Liberty Counsel
PO Box 540774
Orlando, FL 32854
(407) 875-1776 phone
(407) 875-0770 fax
Offices in DC, FL, and VA
*Licensed in Virginia

[So I guess this is an admission that he can’t sue me at all, meaning I have no reason to take anything down besides pity, and I am fresh out at the moment. Of course, that was obvious because he wouldn’t have started hectoring me to take it down if he, in lieu of working, could somehow steal more of other people’s money instead. But it’s an admission coupled to an invitation to call his lawyer anyway, which I think is supposed to be intimidating. As someone already noted about Steve’s half of this thread — generously, if you ask me — “Wow, that’s so crazy.  He has the cognitive ability of a 7th grader.”]

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 7:52 PM
to Steve

I have written no lies about you to this point, only painful and embarrassing truths, and since I have no intention of writing about you further unless you push this, but definition I will not start writing lies about you now.

You on the other hand have lied about me, materially and demonstrably, and I just included an example. You told the world I was on mental disability — not “I heard…” but “he is.” Tell your lawyers you posted all that shit and see how eager they are to take you on, knowing I’m the one with the actual case if it comes down to it.

So, you can relax. As I said, I am not going to draw attention to my posts, but I am not going to delete them and the more you make threats of various kinds, the more inclined I will be to reconsider and just start blasting away. I have learned to tune out the inbred 35 percent of white-trash America and go about my business. Note how few agitated posts I make about anything now, whereas you spend your life steeped in controversy and invite even more of it when the current level seems lacking. It honestly looks, and is, insane. Every step of the way.

In spite of who you are, ineluctably, I wish you peace.

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:00 PM
to me

Get your lawsuit going on the mental disability. I can say you are mentally ill though based on your record. I will not mention disability, even though you are probably on it. That is non of my business. Since you won’t take down your smears and distortions, I will publish an article detailing your past without the records, but may link to the east coast that still has them up. Since you keep your stuff up, I will defend myself. Start your posting about me again. Do not care. People consider the source.

[I know he’s irate here, but I honestly don’t know how a guy like this even feeds himself.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 8:21 PM
to Steve

You refuse to focus for the ten seconds it would take to understand the issue here.

One: You explicitly made a defamatory (both false and intending to damage) statement about me on your Facebook page. “On mental disability” in any context means receiving payments from the government for a mental disorder, and both parts of the claim are verifiably false and hence libelous. But I have no plans to sue you because even if I thought you had any money, it’s not worth the trouble when I can obviously upset you more with simple Internet posts.

But I do not intent at this point to add anything. If I do, it will be as defensible as everything else I have posted about you.

You cannot simultaneously accuse me of smears without — in YOUR WORDS — having even read the material. You are free to thoroughly look it over and point out any inaccuracies, but I know you are afraid to do that because it sucks to see your own lies thrown in your face, even when you lie for a living.

Here you are simultaneously inviting me to post about you and threatening me with terrible consequences if I do. You are pissed as hell I have posted things about you online and are demanding I remove them, yet claim to not care because people will consider me an unreliable source. Again, I feel bad for you, but if I posted this e-mail exchange in toto, how would THAT go for you? Remember, you started it. I will keep this exchange to myself unless I learn that you have gotten up to no good. I am hoping you can grasp what it is about the exchange that comes across as extraordinarily unhinged to an objective observer.)

You are free to “defend yourself,” as you say, but not to scrub facts from the record. You own what you do, even if you love to delete it all within weeks because some part of you is rightly ashamed of it. If you are OK with your own words, they should withstand any critic’s effort to take them down. Any other conclusion basically means admitting to having lied.

Again, if you settle down, nothing will be different at the end of this day as it was at the start of it, other than this exchange. I can tell you exactly how many hits those Chimp Refuge posts attract. They’ve been up for a while. The thing is, you have to know that no one who’s truly on your side would be swayed by what I say because all of them are nuts; this is not in dispute. And conversely, everyone who knows me (or is connected to reality) already knows I had my struggles and have been public about them, and no one who is inclined to forgive people for such things is going to be impressed by the website of a proud bigot. So, we’re each entitled to our rants because neither is likely to change minds. But you need to learn to own what you wrote long past its scheduled lifetime, for no other reason than you will look like a fool a lot less if you keep to one narrative.

The Granite Grok crowd is even more incoherent than you are, and similar in profile — older, unemployed, resentful, racist, fake Christians. Even other Repubs in NH distance themselves from that crew, just as mainstream Christians distance themselves from you. I’m honored to have made their hall of whatever, even though I haven’t looked in a while to see if it’s still up.

The irony of this shit about mental disability is that you plainly qualify and Kim Duclos absolutely does, and the two of you want to collude on a rumor that I’m the one among us getting a payout from Uncle Sam? Kim is a lifelong scam artist, drunk and recently admitted pothead, and a feminist unbeliever too. Admit it, she is exactly the kind of person you would detest if it were not for the shared goal of harassing Kevin Beck. Ask yourself if that’s anywhere in the Bible — it’s okay to collude with drunken mentally ill liars as long as the ends justify the means.

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 8:29 PM 
to Steve

I will leave you with this. The main reason, almost the only reason, I decided earlier this year to keep those posts up is your having brought Lize into the fray, and the way in which you did so. It was cheap, cowardly and wrong in every way, even if she was (quite fairly) criticizing you herself at the time. You even exploited her struggles with eating disorders in the process. You need to be ready to own that should anyone ever look into it. I have no intention of pushing this angle because I am not going to touch or refer to those posts. Maybe if you offered her a heartfelt apology without somehow mentioning this, I could reconsider, but I would wait on that even you’re even inclined to do it, so that you have a cool head and are not being reactionary.

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:29 PM
to me

I read some of the stuff. It is not necessarily lies, but mean spirited to harm. Plus, twists that become slanted to appear as truthful. I do no like to be mocked. That being said, it comes with my work. Never will stop. Keep the stuff up, but I am going to town also. [Remember, he’s telling people I’m harassing and stalking him.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:30 PM
to me

I can play that game too. [Ditto.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:32 PM
to me

Never mentioned her eating disorder. Did not even know she had one until later. She will be brought into the mix too.

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 8:34 PM
to Steve

I don’t care how much you mock me, Steve, like you I understand that the potential for this comes with being vocal, and I can be very vocal. That’s different from trying to ruin someone with purposeful and systematic lies or beating the same drum about my drunken past.

You really seem convinced I might be on disability, and still drinking, and getting arrested. You have a very bad grasp on reality if that’s the case. I a actually leading a very satisfying life, all things considered. I don’t know how it will look when you give the appearance of wanting to mock someone for having a mental disorder, but if you think that is a good look, go for it. You’ll be maligning not me but millions of people, including yourself.

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:35 PM
to me

I am not like you. I do not tease people with eating disorders, kick dogs, make fun of people’s looks. Prove it. I am not that low. You are. You make fun of my wife. How people look. You are an evil person that will get his just deserts. You are living the consequences of your life. [If he can’t understand why I do this specifically because of how he treats gay/trans people, he’s never going to learn, and I’ll keep insulting him. It’s not like I have to invent deficiencies.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 8:37 PM
to Steve

So you never on 4 Winds mentioned that Lize had an eating disorder and wrote a book about it, in the course of calling her a leftist? Then who wrote this?

You really should quit digging here.

[Steve included the above in one of his bouts of verbal 4 WINDS diarrhea last year. There was no reason to mention Lize, period.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 8:39 PM
to Steve

You do EXACTLY THE SAME THING to gay people, atheists, liberals, and support it all fully on your page. You dedicate your ENTIRE LIFE to fucking with people. So why can’t you take it, and more important, why can’t you fucking figure out that’s why I and others react in this way in the first place?

I guess if I am reaping the consequences of my actions, I’ve made out OK.

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:40 PM
to me

Nothing to do with her eating disorder. Just mentioning her writing a book and being known for this. The stuff on her twitter had nothing to do with her eating disorder. You have to be drunk to not see this.

[Steve expects me to buy that he was just reviewing Lize’s biographicals before complaining about her politics. It’s possible, given his mental challenges, but if so he can’t expect the world to translate his pidgin English to regular English. Maybe in his maggot-riddled mind, saying someone battled anorexia isn’t mentioning an eating disorder. But the greater point, again, was his writing about her at all. If that’s OK, so was writing a post about his idiot of a conspiracy-mongering wife.]

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 8:43 PM
to Steve

You’re fond of the phrase “prove it.” My existing words are all that is needed about you, because you are nothing if not repetitive. I keep telling you I have no intention of doing anything differently and so this whole discussion is pointless. If you make poor choices (and I really really would consider how screwing with Lize might work out for you, independent of anything I might do) then this will be reflected in my actions somehow. But if I were out to silence you, or interfere materially with your comings and goings, you would know it. Good night.

[A person of normal intelligence would not have perceived this as a physical threat, and in reality, Steve probably didn’t; he just tries to goad me into threatening him with violence. But that didn’t stop him from doing this a couple days later.]

[I like the one telling him to get on his knees to experience God’s power. Close enough.]

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 8:45 PM
to Steve

Jesus Christ. Nothing about her eating disorder except mentioning her “battle with anorexia.” You are a fucking lunatic. And I have record of similar mentions, so tread very lightly. You trip over your own lies constantly.

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 8:50 PM
to me

Is this a physical threat. Sounds like it.

Kevin Beck
Nov 15, 2019, 8:53 PM
to Steve

Steve, I am not going to make physical threats in any case [note that I wrote this two days before he began accusing me of both stalking and threatening him, so he worked on that lie all weekend], but I am certainly not going to do so in a thread I am setting aside for possible publication, in its unedited entirety. I suggest for that reason that we stop now.

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 8:58 PM
to Steve

One final point to consider is that I actually agree with you in many ways about preventing the participation of self-declared transgender boys in high-school sports, and you can find what my reaction to the Semenya mess has been. Not a liberal or leftist stance by any means.

Kevin Beck 
Nov 15, 2019, 9:13 PM
to Steve

Finally, I don’t mean to deny your service in track and field over the years, even if I disagree with the mechanism. I know you have remained involved, and that counts for something. [This was bullshit, and maybe Steve knew it. I wondered how he’d react to praise. He’s always been a nobody. He has a history of claiming to coach people he has “spiritually advised,” i.e., barked anti-gay shit at.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 10:41 PM
to me

Kevin, I just wanted to pause and think through some things. Somehow, you have goals to be a great coach and adviser. I am gong to give some advice to help. You can take it or leave it. I do not hate you. First, if you take on people like me and Kim, know when to express yourself and then let go. Example, if I am an athlete looking up your name and run into the Kim and stuff on me, it would chase people away. Too much negativity. Even if you right, you have to let go. I would get rid of all stuff on her and me and other negative stuff. Not because your wrong in some assessments, but it is a cloud over you. Rid the whole social media of every negative thing. Second, apologize to her and let it go. That would be hard, but on the things where you were wrong. If she has wronged you, let it go. Third, when writing know when to quit going personal as it clouds your message. People see too much smoke, but no fire. Fourth, set your goals and go back and tell people you are sorry. I do not need it, but some may. Let go. Listen, I am angry with many people in my life and I have to do this daily. It is hard. Know this, I have been ripped off and maligned. Let it go. It is hard on a person, even creating physical problems. Fifth, you are a gifted writer. Construct your thoughts so it stays on subject and does not go personal. It is OK to take on people’s beliefs, but stay there. Example, I want to malign the LGBT crowd by personal insults like name calling. I believe the Bible is opposed to their lifestyle, but try not to go personal. Sometimes, I fail and feel guilty. It is not worth it, so I try hard to avoid crossing the line. Very hard and a battle all the times. At times, you go so far over, it makes you look bad. I now you are better than this. I have areas in my life, I am working too. Not easy. I have had many opportunities to excel financially with coaching offers at universities through the years. I never took them. Felt I should do what I should do. Steve

Steve McConkey
Nov 15, 2019, 10:56 PM
to me

Read my last message. I am not going to fight you on anything. Keep up the stuff if you think you should. Hope you the best, Steve

Kevin Beck 
Nov 16, 2019, 12:32 PM
to Steve

Actually, I think you understand exactly where I am coming from. You said yourself that you may have cost yourself opportunities in the vocational world by sticking to your convictions. While I can affirm that I owe Kim no apologies whatsoever, I can agree with you that there are probably people who would not want to be coached by me even if they agree with my arguments about Kim and others, because of the negativity. I see it as negativity with a purpose or else I would not say it. I break with a lot of people I know in opposing Semenya and the crap going on in Connecticut. But in the end, I don’t care enough about coaching people or being thought of as “nice” to not say what I want to say, and decide on how much restraint to use. I accept that this could come at a cost in some areas, but in truth it also lets me filter people out of my “real” life who I am only going to have problems with for other reasons down the line. I think you can relate to all of this. Whatever your calling, you’re going to keep doing it. Importantly, though, in my case, I am not doing that actively. While I stand by my past writings, I am not on FB or Twitter and only mention Kim when she does something to provoke me, like filming me running with her phone camera. So, you won;t see more output from me on these things for much the same reason you say. I don’t care so much about what others think as my own state of mind, and often, even when I know I am right about something, stewing in other people being wrong does me no good at all. I just sit here and don’t do anything useful. So I try to avoid it.


[I thought this was perfectly conciliatory, but a little over a day later, Steve decided to start ranting on Facebook that I was threatening and harassing him. You may notice a shift in the reach of my profanity from this point forward.]

Kevin Beck 
Nov 17, 2019, 11:32 AM 
to Steve

Before I respond publicly, I think you should realize what your post accomplishes.

1. You say I have renewed my “attacks” on you. People can see this is a lie. I have written nothing about you in over a year.

2. It draws attention to material about you that people would otherwise never see. All they do is Google my name and yours, and there it is. Also, even more people will see it after I respond with a post of my own.

3. You acknowledge the material is true. You say that it’s mean, but also say. “IF he lies, report it.” That is a huge, funny gift to me, and you can’t change it now because I have the screen shots and HTML files of the 4 WINDS and FB posts.

4. You posted demonstrably inaccurate information about me and others.

5. You mentioned Kim’s name, which I doubt she would want because now even more of the world will see that she too is a stalker and a fuckup. Believe it or not, ordinary people can tell when people like you are lying. And you know it. That’s why you’re desperate to erase what I write. If you had read what I wrote about Kim, you would clearly see it exposes her as a liar and humiliates her and anyone who sides with her. You didn’t listen to the audio of the court appearance, did you? Keep doing my job for me, though.

6. You have given me pretext to drag everyone in your orbit into this in ways that you will be unable to tolerate, because you are a hapless coward. I will bring your family members and other associates into this, without breaking a single law, and the results will be humiliating. Remember when I posted a photo of you showing how ugly and crooked your face it? It will now get far worse, if I do respond. I’m still deciding.

7. You admit you have no legal case at this point, thereby opening yourself up to one. Like I said, you posted lies about me before and you’ve just done it again. All while hilariously telling people to let you fact-check things.

8. You are mentally ill. Because of the consequences to others, you should be confined to a home somewhere and medicated beyond your capacity to even dream up this crap. But I no longer have any sympathy for people like you. You are deformed to your inbred core, and the consequences to society of your very existence are negative in the extreme.

[Steve decided to use #6 as more evidence I’m threatening him. He even included my assurance that I wouldn’t do anything illegal, and they all still had the fainting vapors.

If this were a sampling of neurotypical humans, at least half of them would expect a link or some context. As it happens, every time Steve does this, a few people I assume are his Facebook friends find this blog through Google, based on the timing. But most of them are incurious drones. leaving me no choice, on Steve’s own terms, but to defend myself against his smears. Especially because he’s portraying me as a stalker making violent threats.

You have to love the irony of him quoting me calling him a coward as he’s doing this.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 17, 2019, 1:13 PM
to me

Go for it poor boy. Take me to court. Will circulate to the running community. Kim is 100% my efforts. Have fun.

Steve McConkey
Nov 17, 2019, 1:14 PM 
to me

The stuff you supposedly have on me is nothing. I am not ashamed of anything you have. Print it all.

(Very strange of him to again offer this view in the course of trying to blackmail me into removing factual  information I’ve posted about him, and no small number of personal insults.)

Steve McConkey
Nov 17, 2019, 1:15 PM
to me

People do not listen to a rambling idiot. They read a paragraph your stuff and come to a quick realization you are mentally ill and demonic. [Yet he’s trying to…never mind.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 17, 2019, 1:55 PM
to me

Also, I do not mind how I look, even in the bad picture. I will print some pictures of you too. A bug eyed shrimp.

[That word again. He probably does actually print pictures of me to alternately throw darts at and ejaculate on, in both instances with little panache.

It was about a half hour after this in real time that Steve started posting deceptive excerpts from this conversation on Facebook.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 17, 2019, 3:24 PM
to Steve

One: You seem to be neglecting the fact that I intend to publish this entire e-mail exchange, including the part where I point out that between obesity, age, and general farm-animal like traits, your slovenly wife’s stinkbox must smell like the dumpster of a seafood restaurant on a blazing summer afternoon. [I doubt he even understood the preceding flowery example of misogynistic degradation, but every time he posts a picture of Lize in one of his garbled expulsions, especially one I took myself and really like, I remember there are rules with this fucker other than not fulfilling any of his paranoid fantasies about me literally attacking him.]

Should I remind you again how this thread makes you look, right from the opening, out-of-the blue-threat?

Two: I haven’t even reacted publicly, and already I’m way under your sagging old skin. Of COURSE you care how your shitty photos look. When I started using one on my blog, you cried and whined repeatedly about how your back problem had fucked up your face or something (see below), which fails to explain why you looked like a cretin even at 25. You’ve been an awkward, skittish-looking fucker your whole life.Here’s the deal. You can post all that shit that does nothing but make you look like a complete asshole, and the only people who will see it are the kinds of shitheads who are basically too stupid or mentally ill to be considered sentient humans. Your Facebook commenters are also lunatics, and you are all fringe freakazoids. If you had any reach or influence in the real world, it would have been evident by now. You are a laughingstock and an obscure one at that. USATF knows you as a liar and a loon. I have you on record lying about being on this or that radio show, all sorts of shit. Just the products of a sick and sputtering mind.

You are a loser in life. I don’t need to announce this to the world because we both know it. After I sobered up for good three years ago, I immediately made something of myself. I started paying my way through the world, contributing to magazines, writing my ass off, coaching people, adopting a dog, donating to charity, and being very welcome in a variety of other people’s lives. Of course, I have skills, sanity, brains and motivation. [I actually cringe at patting myself on the back like this, given how infrequently I embrace any of it, but consider what I am comparing myself to. His entire existence boils down to begging to better promote bigotry. I can safely say I consider my CV superior to his, because so is everyone else’s past a certain age.] But you? Well, you say you quit drinking 43 years ago and all you have to show for it is a lifetime of unemployment, with your unrelenting efforts to oppress gay people FAILING all the while.

Your god is a joke, and it’s fitting a fuckwad like you would claim to be among its chief spokespersons. You understand that people reject you, far and wide, and mock you. You can pretend it’s all Satan getting in the way, but deep down you know you’re just braying for a failing cause on behalf of a failing religious sect.

On top of that, you are failing to accept that you can’t shame me with any of your efforts anyway. It already failed, and I’m happy to talk about anything I did drunk, just like you talked about wrecking a car and experimenting with same-sex behavior when you were drunk. Your attempt to make Lowell Running look bad is also going to cause you grief you have no way of foreseeing.

Your FB post claims I have renewed attacks on you, yet the entire world can see this isn’t the case. YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING FOOL, ALL THE TIME, AND HAVE NO IDEA WHY.

You are a numbskull, Steve, and easily dominated in this setting. You apparently just got over a fight with a “homosexual activist,” and yet you can’t get enough conflict — and you insist that I am overly negative. Good one.

Your FB commenters who are saying you should seek a restraining order will be surprised to learn that you in fact are the one who initiated this exchange.

Kevin Beck
Nov 17, 2019, 3:49 PM
to Steve

“People do not listen to a rambling idiot. They read a paragraph your stuff and come to a quick realization you are mentally ill and demonic.”

Except that you’ve already praised my writing, which earns me over $1,000 a week whereas you are a fucking dipshit who has been failing for 40+ years on end. You couldn’t or wouldn’t support your three gross kids by actually WORKING, so you spent your adulthood BEGGING and calling it something else, and in the process offending people who didn’t deserve it. You talk about old meets and old gatherings and post old pics because you know your life has been a long waste.

You are such a craven little thing, dragging Lize into this and then whining when I do the same to Liz (who unlike Lize is a toxic know-nothing and deserves pushback anyway). You threaten ME by e-mail, and when it doesn’t work, you pretend I threatened you by acting as if I sent you that out of the blue.

Notice how much I can upset you without even posting anything publicly. Ask yourself if you really want this fight. Understand that I collect material from your every response and you will have no idea when my posts will start coming. You are trying to shame me with lies and recycled misdemeanors to an audience of fellow ‘tards.

You are also going to be shocked when you learn how badly you misrepresented the whole Kim situation, which you have plainly not read anything about. I even offered the court audio. Notice anything similar between you and Kim? Ugly as shit. unemployable, gross, can’t exist in mainstream society, living on handouts, history of substance abuse…do you think it’s an accident that the two people who have serious issues with me in life are BRAIN-DEAD LOSERS? No.

I can show where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing over time. I have placed in the top three in my AG in every race I have run, had countless pieces published, and had a lot of great coaching experiences in sobriety. People like you and Kim, who sadly live for these fights for lack of better goals, are sideshows and annoyances to me, not real problems. I just can’t stress enough how wrong your assumption about the everyday person’s point of view is.

You lost the genetic roll of the dice but you don’t have to be an asshole about it. At this point, news of your passing, while cause a few people to sigh in contentment, but mostly, no one will notice or fucking care.

Steve McConkey
Nov 17, 2019, 4:00 PM
to me

Thanks. You just got yourself a lawsuit. Here it is, “experimenting with same-sex behavior when you were drunk.” I will notify counsel tomorrow.

[See above note about suing people for things they say to you alone. I guess that call to the lawyer never took place. But he did take his mortification to Facebook. Steve really, REALLY doesn’t like the suggestion that, back when he had functioning genitalia, they were secretly galvanized into action by possessors of similar genitalia, for example, Carl Lewis all those wondrously sculpted old-timey world-class sprinters.

Also note his pushing the fantasy that he’s about to drop some serious legal hammers on me, despite plainly knowing better. For Steve, delusions of power serve the same purpose for him that ethanol did back in the day. At root level, all of this grandiose self-puffery comes from Steve’s deep-rooted insecurities, with mental woes thrown in as a catalyst.] 

Steve McConkey
Nov 17, 2019, 4:05 PM
to me

Here is a picture of all the radio interviews over 10 years. Thousands of interviews.

[This is just sad in so, so many ways.]

Kevin Beck 
Nov 17, 2019, 4:05 PM
to Steve

So you plan to sue me for saying in an e-mail that I think you fooled around sexually with guys?

You are really fucked up. You require a caregiver who can lock up your goddamn computer and phone.

I am going to contact the Madison Police on my and Lize’s behalf, and also do everything else available to me for free to cause you headaches. I will explain that you did this out of nowhere and show them the threat by e-mail, the DIRECT THREAT, that started this whole thing, along with your Facebook activity. At a minimum. I will cause your life to be even more uncomfortable than it is. And like I said, I will behave well within my rights as a citizen and without violating yours. Dipshit.

Kevin Beck
Nov 17, 2019, 4:07 PM 
to Steve

I don’t care if you did 1,000,000 “interviews” on “radio stations” with other fuckups over the years. That’s just two morons jabbering and posting the results for everyone to listen to and laugh at.

The fact that you LIED about EVEN ONE OF THESE is what is significant. You can’t talk about all the dicks you declined to suck when you’ve enjoyed the taste and feel of a single throbbing cock-head in your craw.

[Later, I posted the conversation to this point but didn’t link it to anything. I made sure Steve found it.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 10:03 AM
to me

Thanks for posting the whole conversation. I will not take down my stuff on you anymore. I am getting ahold of more records.

[At this point I e-mailed and called the Madison police, mainly because Steve believed I wouldn’t. I forwarded the first e-mail reply I got to Steve.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 11:10 AM
to Steve

to me


This email confirms your submission of a report through the City of Madison Police Department Citizen Self-Report System.

Your official case number for the report is 2019904866. Please use this case number for any further correspondence with the City of Madison Police Department or your insurance company regarding this incident.

For more information about services for victims of crimes, select the appropriate form below.

Victim Information for Dane County:

Click to access VictimInfDC.pdf

Informacion Para La Victima Para El Condado De Dane:

Click to access VictimInfDC-SP.pdf

If you have any questions, contact the Madison Police Department at:

PHONE: (608) 245-3662

Thank you.

Madison Police Department

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 11:21 AM
to me

HaHa. Will go nowhere.

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 11:25 AM
to me

Get a lawyer. Worldwide news release coming out today with Kim in it. Will distribute to USATF and others.

[It’s truly amazing that Kim would green-light any of this despite her own calamitous state. Assuming, of course, that she even did. She’s been as rabid at times about trying to get my writing about her scrubbed as Steve has, so why she’d be a party to this is a mystery. She may have realized that she’s never going to be an on-the-grid person with a reputation to even worry about, and is therefore OK with loaning her name to anything that might make even a single person on the Internet think less of me, even if they see Kim as worse. She also hasn’t been a thorn in my side lately, though if she hadn’t gone from having a few bad options for causing me grief to having none, which is the position Steve now finds himself in, she’d still be at it.

In any case, the “worldwide news release” hasn’t hit the real wide world yet.]

Steve McConkey
11:55 AM
to me

Make sure you include this in your police reports. In counsel with lawyer. We are working on a lawsuit as we speak.

[That image is from a now-deleted Twitter trolling account that kept Steve shamelessly captivated and enraged for some time. He doesn’t like blasphemy, or whatever this is. He also doesn’t have to follow Twitter accounts he doesn’t like.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 12:02 PM
to Steve

You’re going to sue me because I posted a gay Jesus meme? What laws did I break in the process, and who forces you to look at social media accounts you don’t like? Here’s another one.

Your outright insanity alternately amuses and annoys me.

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 12:04 PM
to me

No. You will see.

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 12:07 PM
to Steve

Just remember to tell your lawyers that I have evidence of you asserting that I am on mental disability.

Also, this whole thread constitutes a blatant attempt at blackmail. You say that writing material about me leads to an increase in donations. You’re lying, but you did say it. You’ve also said you wanted me to take unflattering things about you down so your ministry can prosper, and threatened to publish (and have published) unflattering information if I failed to comply. I didn’t comply, and you followed through. You have no fucking idea what kind of problems you’re inviting here, because you don’t understand the difference between the freedom to post publicly available information and trying to use it for personal gain. Your lawyers may or may not know this (well, the ones you pretend are on the case).

Doesn’t your wife ever try to intervene when you get like this or is she out grazing in the pasture?

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 12:13 PM
to me

Wrong. Lawyer looked at whole thread. Nothing there. I have 100% rights to put up public records. They are not hidden. I cannot make up stuff like you try to do. Difference is your supposedly paper trails will be your downfall in court. [It’s not 100 percent clear what “supposedly paper trails” refers to, but Steve is still focused on the notion I have already tried to disabuse him of multiple times: I’m not planning to sue him over anything he has posted, and he can post all of the public records he finds and long as he breaks no laws in so doing.]

Steve McConkey
12:16 PM
to me

If you had case, the records would be down out east too. [Ibid.]

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 12:18 PM
to Steve

Steve, the fact that you can’t write in complete sentences should trigger the following thought even in your sputtering mind: “I suck at this arguing shit, and I need to shut up. I am mentally ill and hate the people who point this out.”

You are lying — again. You made an explicit claim that was defamatory and false, and I have a record of it. I could fuck you in the ass with this — easily. I have already asked, as you have. But suing the mentally ill and destitute is NEVER worth it, even when you win. Because you are shit with nothing of value to show for six decades staining the planet.

And why spend a dime when all I have to go to ruin your life is make an occasional blog post? I don’t even care that it’s swinging at low-hanging and mostly defenseless fruit. You’re a fucking annoyance and the day you’re finally rotting in hell (soon! Soon!) will be a great day for humankind, not that many will consciously know it. [Steve made, but quickly deleted, a Facebook post complaining about this reference to his eventual death, another sore spot with him despite his total unflappability.] 

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 12:20 PM
to me

Go for it. Worldwide news release by tomorrow.

[Or not.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 12:22 PM
to me

Please sue me. I am waiting.

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 12:22 PM
to me

You will get lots of publicity and it will allow me to show the world who you are. Please sue me.

[Why can’t he “show the world who (I am)” without me dragging him into court?]

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 12:25 PM
to Steve

You are truly stupid. You cannot follow a basic line of thought.

I don’t CARE about the shit you’ve posted. I honestly don’t. For one thing, let’s be real, normal people don’t read sites like yours and Granite Grok. But more to the point, people simply don’t care. Besides, I am living a demonstrably clean and upstanding life in every way. I am basically a success story, lacking the desire to boast unnecessarily

You on the other hand can’t pay the fucking rent after 43 supposed years of being clean. Why even bother staying sober, if you even have?

I am talking about your lie about me being on disability. Good thing you learned to not trust Kim — oops! Maybe not. I am also referring to your blackmail attempt.

Please understand this.

You are not going to sue me and I am not going to sue you, though I am the only one with a possible case.

Therefore, you are going to try to piss me off/ruin my life and I’ll respond in kind.

The entire world can see that you claimed I renewed attacks on your when I clearly didn’t. You are a fucking idiot in the extreme, Steve. You would have been better off dying of strangulation in your crib, and I bet your parents were tempted.

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 12:26 PM
to Steve

You don’t have the capacity to generate publicity, good or bad. No one gives a shit about the ancient closet homo with fake red hair. You look fucking ridiculous. Do you actually wander about town looking like that?

Kevin Beck
Nov 18, 2019, 12:27 PM 
to Steve

I am informing you at this point that I will consider any further contact from you harassment, and I will call the Madison PD if I need to. I let this drag out this long so I could create a damning narrative to publish, and you were stupid enough to play along. So read carefully.

If you could sue me, you already would have tried. Your own repetitive threats should embarrass you, especially because you know I will keep posting all of this.

You’re like a baby. Mentally, you are in fact a child, even if your body is beat up and worthless at this stage. Your whole day is hijacked because you picked a fight with me. You can’t win, Steve. You are a literal moron, and you need internalize this and to accept its implications somehow.

Concerning the “news release,” be my guest. I truly love that you keep spending money on that “Newswire” scam. And I should be amazed that you’re helping me publicize Kim’s lunacy; you are oblivious to the fact that I uploaded audio from the court proceedings that completely humiliate her, and you also haven’t read what I actually wrote and the evidence of her lies. You are giving her name a bump of bad publicity, right after she gave up on the one think she cares about (her Reddit account) because she was heckled into oblivion. She is in real trouble — drinks, smokes weed, and I could show you the evidence. But you don’t care, so rabid are you to enact revenge. You just drag anyone into your slimy business because you’re nothing but a moldering turd yourself.

Consider the fact that you already tried this and it went nowhere — except to compel me to write more about you. Because you did that, there are maybe a dozen Chimp Refuge posts up instead of one or two, and you have your own tag. And you hate that you can’t erase it, and that YOU are responsible for it.

Quit being a liar, Steve. You fear your own death, this I can see, and I assume it’s because you either know heaven is a lie or understand that if hell and heaven exist, you’re on course for an ass-fucking in a downtown Hades slum. And you probably feel guilty about lying at some level, though you won’t admit it here.

You just don’t seem to understand that I don’t hide my past from anyone. No one I work for or with gives a shit about my drunken history these days — you understand this, because you were admitting to far worse shit than I’ve done when you were a few years sober. They also don’t care what right-wing gay-bashing crazies like you think generally, except to occasionally extent pity. I mean, Steve, you blurt out crap like CHRIST IS COMING SOON on your Facebook page. No, he’s fucking not, and yes, you look like a fucking whackjob to everyone who is not one himself or herself (your Timeline commenters are like an electronic version of an outpatient mental-health clinic). So, you can keep this up and we’ll both see if it has any different effects other than last time.

Your plan is:

1) shaming Kim Duclos

2) generating more adverse material about yourself on the Internet as a result of my responses

I know you see, and like to ignore, the stuff on my blog that contradicts your ideas that I’m a menace with no life. I run every day, have banked a few years’ worth of savings, make regular trips around the country to see friends and family, support a rescue animal, have placed high in my AG in the races I’ve run, serve as av volunteer locally, and had a book published. All since late 2016. You on the other hand have spend 40 years being a do-nothing keyboard warrior and literal loser. I’m sure that bothers you at least as much as the fact that you have no leg to stand on here.

You truly are a pussy. The fact you want to frame this conversation as me threatening you out of the blue and refuse to let your mental-midget followers see the full story (I got 29 hits from there before you zapped it, though).

Anyway, I promised that if you upped the stakes, I would too, and by including your associates in my posts. I’m not going to waste time on a public barrage, because I have better things to do. But you’ll be glued to my blog, waiting for the next response, because you are a clown with nothing better to do.

[I then separately forwarded Steve another bit of correspondence from the Madison Police Department. This relates to his claim below about me starting a new thread to create a hack to keep firing away at him unchallenged.]

City of Madison Police Department
November 18, 12:32 PM
to me

Your contact request/feedback has been received:

Name: Kevin Beck
Boulder, CO 80303
Email: kemibe@gmail.com
Request Type: Central District

I am not a Madison resident and I don’t know how to prevent one from e-mailing me after I asked him not to. His name is Steve McConkey, his e-mail address is srmcconkey@gmail.com and his apparent address is 1380 Regent Street, Unit 157. His phone number may be 608-469-7956. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to contact the City of Madison Police Department. This is an automated reply, please do not reply to this email.

Kevin Beck
November 18, 2019, 12:39 PM
to Steve

Just confirming that what I just told you is the truth. If you message me anymore, it will be noted and passed along to the cops when the MPD gets back to me. I was going to do this when you e-mailed me on Friday, but decided to let you say a bunch of self-incriminating things first. Nicely done.

(I will also not be contacting you in any way.)

[I wanted to get this on record to show that I wasn’t trying to cheat by retaining the option of continuing to e-mail him while denying him the same choice. This doesn’t need to be explained to adults whose minds are not like those of preteens.]

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 12:51 PM
to me

Your welcome. You cyberbully everyone and you think you have something. They will look at it and laugh. HaHa.

Steve McConkey
12:52 PM
to me

You lied. Asked me to quit emailing you with a response every time. HaHa. Good one.

Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 1:02 PM
to (???)


Steve McConkey
Nov 18, 2019, 1:22 PM
to (???)


[As this represented four contacts after a formal request to stop, I called the Madison PD, who said I needed to start a formal process at my end. I spoke with a local officer, gave him the rundown, and said that, while I was sorry to involve the police in something so ostensibly petty, I wanted to give both of us a reason to stop the online nonsense.

Steve soon posted this on his Facebook wall. Note that he explicitly says the part he fails to recognize is the most important: A police officer told him to stop harassing me. The rest of what he adds is so tragically and transparently divorced from reality that I kind of feel bad for him.]

Mostly gratuitous postmortem observations: The main thing to remember about all of this: A guy who broke a 16-month mutual silence in an effort to blackmail me is accusing me of sending him threatening e-mails out of the blue. And his Facebook followers — most of whom are, of course, almost as “touched” as Steve is — are screaming at him to sue me, file a police report or shoot me. Steve may be nuts, but this framing is deliberate, and even though I don’t care what any the fruitcakes on Steve’s page individually believe, the sheer potential reach of Steve’s posts (of those 5,000 friends, probably 4,800 are random runners or other types who don’t follow his posts and wouldn’t recognize his name if you offered it, while the other 200 are a kind of ongoing wave of jaw-dropping lunacy and ignorance) is a big reason I decided to respond here, along with wanting to keep my promise to hit back at Steve lest he or anyone else start thinking my declarations are empty noise.

I understand that many people don’t always agree with my habit of writing extraordinarily mean things about — or more often, just at — people who deserve it thanks to having done exactly the same thing to someone else, which either teaches them something (rarely) or pushes them ever closer to the abyss in their refusal to associate cause and effect (most of the time). But I have also learned what ultimately stymies these types and what doesn’t, and silence never does. Sure, Steve may really think he’s being bullied by the folks who respond angrily to his notion that everyone who enjoys same-sex relationships is willingly marching toward an eternity of well-deserved torture. But it’s not anyone else’s job to sit around and ponder the various factors that might be contributing to his mayhem, especially after this many years. If his wife and others in his orbit are okay with his output, they’re by definition okay with the blowback they get, or should be prepared to pretend be okay with it. This flaming wreck thinks he can sue people for writing the truth when all he does is lie, and that alone makes him a problem for the world at large.

I’m more than willing to face up to my past, but Steve also sprinkles in lots of lies every time he so much as looks at a computer keyboard, but also because Kim started feeding him “information,” like the “fact” that I was on government disability for a mental disorder. (People who are clearly mentally ill but cannot or will not acknowledge it, like Kim and Steve, for some reason love the idea of other people being diagnosed as mentally ill and getting handouts for it. Also, he thinks it’s OK to rant about people who are supposedly unbalanced, so I don’t know why others can’t enjoy the same dubious privilege.

After watching God Knows Where I Am, I really do want to be less reactive toward people who are clearly crazy, even when it’s clear their fundamental problem is basic malice bred of malignant insecurity. I mean, I’m not saying anyone should hate himself or herself, but if you were Steve or Kim, what choice would you really have, even if you dipped your toes into the shallowest waters of sanity only once a month or so? People don’t like lying, thieving blowhards who manifest every trait they accuse others of — sloth, immorality, low social functioning. So they don’t like themselves, and their forays into reality appear to be very jarring in this regard. But some of this they can’t change. I honestly did nothing to create problems with Kim, but as I said, I didn’t have to go after Steve on Facebook — he was a total stranger. I detest everything he represents, but I picked a fight with a bonkers guy with 24 hours a day to effect crazy revenge plots, so that’s the turd sandwich I get to eat.

Still, I find myself agreeing more and more with the somewhat flip comment a friend made a few years back: “Isn’t ‘mental illness’ just another term that means ‘annoying behavior’?” In some cases, obviously not, but in plenty of instances the effects on other people of lunatics with the dubious luxury of having enablers nearly as screwed up as they are can be exhausting. I know I can churn out a frightening amount of jabber in a short time and do it repeatedly, but I do have other things to do besides this, most of which involve generating a lot of words in a short time. The Steves and Kims of the world just don’t, and everyone in the world who appears to have more than they do, regardless of the justification, becomes a target of their opprobrium and smearing efforts. Mix in a mouthy bastard like me and the basic form of the ensuing rhetorical circus becomes predictable. So no, I don’t really feel bad about lashing out at nutters when they are either clearly making choices or are in cahoots with people who have that capacity.

If Mr. McConkey wants to devote his apparently otherwise pointless life to bashing gay people under the aegis of a Jesus who would deliver a powerful right cross to Steve’s lopsided countenance if he were in fact a god-man and ever did “return,” he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labors. And if he lies, then too bad for him ten times over, because these types never have any compunction about lying. If he criticized my sniping at him honestly, I would have no problem with him at all. But he either can’t or won’t. Hopefully someone can convey to him that there is simply no percentage in him continuing to piss me off. Even if he discovers I have sixteen felony murders on my record, the facts I write don’t lie. And if he didn’t believe that, he wouldn’t be so desperate to censor me.

I’m curious how he’ll deal with this post with his barnyard-derived followers. If he’s smart, he’ll ignore it, since he’s been lying them for days about all of this. He’s not smart, obviously, but he might get lucky. If he starts quote-mining from this and posting it anywhere, I’ll start informing some of his followers elsewhere just to piss him off. Other than that, I really don’t know what more I should have to say about this. Steve can’t sue me, and there’s only so much mileage in trying to smear me for the sort of stuff he has in his own past. I suspect he’ll keep going because he can’t help himself, but if he does that, he, being stupid and sloppy, will be at risk for saying something (else) I could sue him for.

In closing: I considered not posting this despite feeling compelled to do it for practical reasons and well as driven to do it because Steve is a prick and deserves to be punished for the things he does. But as you can see, Steve begged me to keep posting about him several times before I had him shut down. Also, his wife, who I may have mentioned is an equally cross-eyed and drooling shambles of a human being, is in on the lie, so they can all eat shit.

liz shit

If you asked Liz McConkey precisely what form this harassment has taken, she’d have no answer. The benefit of being slack-jawed wobbling idiots like her and her husband is that you can just blurt out nonsense and accusations to drown out facts and pretend none of your emotional unrest is the result of your own actions. Reality imposes a certain burden of pain on all of us, but imbeciles who drown themselves in religious ideas are especially unprepared to confront it.

Combined with the absence of falsehoods posted here, Steve’s only choice now is to move on or risk having a lot of random and nonrandom people around him (albeit only electronically) outed for things they were stupid enough to post on public pages. Besides, Steve doesn’t really read this blog anyway — he just bellyaches about it, just like he’ll bellyache about this (Shhhhhhh).

NOV. 22 7:42 P.M. P.M. UPDATE: Uh-oh! Steve has again deployed the heavy artillery — Christian Newswire! That’s like a whole level above ALL CAPS IN E-MAILS.

Worldwide from DC

This is one of the dozens of “press releases” Steve has paid to have sent to media outlets such as the WSJ that would have no interest in them even if they read them. It’s clearly a scam and most likely not run by Christians, as long as one clings to the notion that real Christians, whatever the Christ that now means, are honest. But Steve throwing away so much of the money he painstakingly accrues from his begging endeavors on something he could do himself to equally feeble effect seems perfect.

He again seems almost determined to get things wrong, even things he seemingly has to strive to avoid getting right by default. Virtually every paragraph contains at least one formal error of fact or one plainly ludicrous claim; I’ll address these in my next post. It’s actually worse than stuff than could get him sued; it reveals just how strange he is. This could have been written by a 12-year-old. Steve seems to think “Beck is mad at McConkey for standing up…” belongs in a news release (it’s not one, but again, it’s all about Steve’s own perceptions of his “work”).

He spells Lize’s name wrong. He says I outright mentally abused Kim Duclos (whom I’ve interacted with in person fewer than a half-dozen times in my life) for years, then helpfully adds that she has accused me of stalking her, which from a practical standpoint is like saying that someone found passed out and covered in semisolid shit is suspected of flatulence. He found one of the “Jesus fucking Christ” pics on Twitter and the other was my reply to sending the first one my way, so he’s lying and being deceptive about me sending him those as well, not that I can stop laughing for long enough to care.

He gets Kim’s running history wrong (“Olympic Trialist marathoner” is his bungling of “Olympic Trials marathoner,” which Kim was not). He gets my role at Human Kinetics wrong. He claims I was a longtime writer for a publication I haven’t written a single article for. He still can’t write the complete name of the organization he hates so much that has with the initials FFRF.

This, I think is actually Steve McConkey’s most error-riddled work yet. The best part is that I don’t think he can’t change anything in the document, because he ceded control of the document when he parted with his cash, unless he wants to pay more for an edit. And if he does change anything, he’ll have admitted to his own inability to get anything right the first time, not that his rep as a rigorous fact-checker is any more at stake than his renown for being a rigorous scholar and an alpha male.

I still find his insistence that he has affected sports policy in any way, at any level, to be he most laughable of his bullshit claims, but also the most poignant. Steve McConkey guy may be out of it, but he’s well aware that the world has gone exactly counter to his own vision of what it should be throughout forty years of doing nothing but the nastiness he flings into the public sphere. He needs to convince himself that someone out there has not only listened, but implemented his wise ideas — someone, that is, besides the cadre of two or three dozen Facebook crazies he has contributing to the hijinks on his page at any time. I often — though not quite as much anymore — feel like I have wasted almost my entire life doing stupid things and forming bad ideas about how to proceed with things generally. But even on my most self-immolating day I would have to acknowledge a few positive accomplishments and attributes here and there. Steve, it seems, really hasn’t done a thing besides run his mouth, get older and more unstable, and refer occasionally to the fact that his three kids survived to adulthood despite his best efforts to avoid supporting them back in the day.

This isn’t Steve trying to expose me to the world as a menace, of course. He knows I’ve talked about this stuff (and I’ll do so some more next time), have made my peace with those involved, and — most importantly become a completely different person in practical terms. This is Steve, with the help of his wife, trying to discourage me from talking about his lying and other despicable behaviors. He is incapable of supporting himself, just a dismal sputtering caricature of a God-fearing Christian. He won’t get anywhere by trying to tar the names of anything I’m associated with other than, as I have said before, making sure I don’t pull punches in the future merely because Steve and I are not in the same weight class — the fact that he does .this is itself evidence he doesn’t believe even in this shitgod he’s always pretending to fellate.

At any rate, he did this last year and he’ll surely try it again. I can’t wait to see what he’s trying six months from now if I decide to write about him then. Or whenever. In fact, Steve at this point could voluntarily take down all of his nonsense about me and I will keep hectoring him for as long as he keeps up the same general behavior. And he will, because he’s a one-note cackling basket of agitated aimlessness, like a spavined pony everyone on the ranch expected (and quietly hoped) would have dropped dead by now.


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