Steve McConkey admits to lying (and libel)

Last year, extreme Christian hatemonger Steve McConkey claimed in a public Facebook post that I was “on mental disability.” For those outside the U.S. or unfamiliar with the vernacular, Steve was referring to individuals who receive SSDI benefits for a disabling mental-health condition. As you can see, he was doing this in an attempt to discredit (accurate) statements I had made about him.

This is false and defamatory. If your audience believes that your critic cannot distinguish reality from fiction even if he wants to, you are attempting to substitute a false portrayal of your critic’s mental state for a meaningful rebuttal. That alone is merely slimy, like everything this addled mushmouth does. But it’s more than slimy to knowingly say things like this publicly – it’s against the law.

Did Steve McConkey believe at the time he made the claim that he was operating on credible information? No, he didn’t – and he admitted as much on multiple recent occasions.

Even this from lust the other day is full of inaccuracies so basic that they completely obliterate any credibility Steve would have even if he weren’t a proud liar. For example, look at the cover of Run Strong. What does it say? Also, where is there mention of me ever being a senior writer for Runner’s World? Mind you, these are just the most benign errors/lies.

Steve, as you’ve seen, isn’t just a liar. Sadly, he is also just a garden-variety dimwit, like most Evangelicals. He’s an imbecile. I try not to hate people who exhibit this flaw, but when their character flaws are too flagrant, my sympathy vanishes.The point isn’t that I plan to sue Steve McConkey (and declaring that won’t stop him from once more screeching like the bitch he is that I won’t win if I do). The point is that he lies, as maliciously as necessary, and then admits to lying to advance his fucked-up and usually inhumane ideas. And he refuses to acknowledge posts like these when complaining about me because he knows he’s a liar.

Lots of people lie. But remember, Steve believes he’s an envoy of the LORD. He goes on about the perils of sin all the time despite visibly sinning each and every day. (Also, on a more secular level, ask yourself this: Why would a man confident in his ideas try to make sure nothing he’s ejaculated into cyberspace is more than a month or so old? What person of integrity continually deletes what he writes?)

Lying doesn’t bother Steve’s conscience at all. Neither does getting caught lying, really, as long as he can hide this. But being unable to later deny lying, even to the few people out there both stupid enough to believe anything he says and eager to see him say it? That gets under his skin, because he’s completely immoral. He always has been, and this brand of God-belief gives him an excuse.

One psychologist friend who has studied this fracas and does deeperdives on Facebook than I ever did has suggested that Steve simply feels like a failure as a man. I’ve noted his lack of real employment over the years despite having three children, but he also apparently has a number relatives in traditional “tough-guy” occupations (e.g., law enforcement, military) whereas he physically resembles, and has the bearing of, a human-lemur hybrid. That last part shouldn’t matter, but when you grow up in the same Midwestern hickworld my own dad did, things are different. This would help explain some of the puffery about coaching positions and statuses in the track world and elsewhere he hasn’t held; genuinely delusional thinking could be responsible for some of that, but Steve is clearly insecure at root level even on his most mentally crisp day.

Issues of his perceived manhood notwithstanding, Steve knows he’s a lowlife. He doesn’t so much hate me saying this as he does my preserving and remarking on the evidence he, like every nonstop liar, is continually try to prune from the Web.

The key thing to remember about Evangelicals – who represent the angry, noisy, racist and proudly ignorant element of the Christian faith and the yawping inbred deadweight of any society they belong to – is that they don’t truly believe any of what they say about God. If they did, they’d be admitting to being among the top candidates alive for Hell, even including Islamic terrorists and nonbelievers. This is because they lie nonstop and knowingly circulate each other’s lies. They typically don’t count lying as a sin as long as it’s committed against the aims of nonbelievers (I’m not making that up). They are lowly and wholly disposable, and each day a Steve McConkey type dies and starts rotting in the ground (or, ideally, is incinerated), the world becomes incrementally more tolerable for the decent and the sane.

2 thoughts on “Steve McConkey admits to lying (and libel)”

  1. Beck’s criminal record and other facts here. Beck has zero credibility.

    (EDITOR’S NOTE: Steve never links to any evidence for his various claims, just to his own repetitive bullshit about these supposed misdeeds and slanderous statements. He and Kim have tried to say I do the same thing by pointing people here, but the obvious flaw in that complaint is that my posts are littered with screen shots of posts, tweets, etc. that these rascals have deleted. You also don’t see me trying desperately to convince the world that Steve’s sites don’t exist.)

    1. First, Steve, it’s always the pussies like you who delete comments from their own pages who expect to be taken seriously on other people’s, when fairness would dictate that I simply ban their comments outright. But I’m not a pussy, like you are.

      My criminal record, which I’m happy to explore, includes three convictions stemming from two incidents in 2010 and 2012. That is, you’re not only exaggerating its content, you’re pretending it’s urgent.

      But more to the point, as I’ve repeatedly said, that kind of childish attempt at distraction only works on other mental primitives like yourselves. I could be a convicted murderer and nothing about the facts in the above post would change. You lied and admitted to lying and now you’re trying to shitweasel out of it by maligning my character.

      Man, though, some nerve, even commenting here. I love that you’re sufficiently fucked up to not understand how fucking laughable that is. Come on, Steve,. link to this blog on Facebook and tell those hootin’ donkey-fuckers exactly what’s a lie in here.

      Your cowardice makes my Lucifer-enriched day.

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