Steve McConkey and the dehumanization tactics of 4 Winds USA

Steve McConkey probably had a difficult childhood. The ridiculous dye-job and some of the bumps and bruises are products of time and spirited cosmetic choices, but mostly he’s just a typical yokel. Like a lot of primates born in unpleasant-looking, culturally barren, and for the most part forgettable parts of the U.S., where incest is more an unspoken tradition than a solecism, he was never going to find himself in either a Land’s End catalog, which probably doesn’t bother him, or in possession of meaningful status in society, which does; cognitively crippled sorts like Steve are often curiously hell-bent on becoming known for their mangled thoughts.

Steve has also disclosed that, although raised in a Catholic household, he ultimately chose to be a “born again” style of Christian after supposedly giving up drinking at age 20 or so (he reports having totaled at least one car under the influence). You should know if you don’t already that “born-agains” are, without exception, “touched” in a specific way, an unfortunate trait that is usually evident at considerable distances. Usually, the ones who embrace the bloodthirsty, firebrand offerings of Christianity with their authoritarian (actually, totalitarian) power structures are products of the sort of parental abuse wherein “love” is inextricable from punishment. Their whole approach to living in a world occupied by fallible but mostly sane people is too flawed to permit anything resembling either normalcy or contentment, although plenty of people who aren’t nuts occupy these dubious niches, too, and spend their free time writing blogs like these.

Note that this is distinct from the everyday pathology baked into extremist religions. For all of the ghastly psychological traits ascribed to religious cult members such as Evangelical Christians and Mormons, most of them are not loony; while it’s true that mentally troubled people often understandably grasp at mythical forms of rescue (see above), most folks who belong to right-wing religions are simply products of right-wing environment — some rich, most poor.  They display some combination of dishonesty, ignorance, and bigotry, with each of these traits purposefully inculcated in children unlucky enough to have parents with these grave religious illnesses. They tend to be unsavory people whether they intend to or not; this is unfortunate, because Christianity as a whole is rapidly dwindling, ECs still make up almost a quarter of the American population.

Christians, when speaking as such, should be ignored when it comes to determining the rules for how society or even individuals should operate. Even leaving out the lack of evidence for their object of fake, forced or threadbare worship and pretending that some silent dick-headed magistrate is in agreement with their whole sick enterprise, all of these people are liars and hypocrites. Steve’s entire beef with me isn’t so much what I say as that he can’t erase it all, as he does his Facebook posts and 4 WINDS outbursts after a couple of weeks. If he’s okay with lying and the panoply of other “sins” he commits just by being himself, he himself doesn’t believe that the deity he asserts doles out metaphysical penalties even exists.

If any of the foregoing sounds worse than merely unkind or insulting, it’s meant to, and if people like Steve and his 4 WINDS cohorts Liz McConkey, Merrill Olson, and Paul Bawden were better and better-known communicators, you’d more easily see that this is the kind of sleazy thing they do by design, because dehumanizing gay people is a guiding principle for this type of ugly human being. They claim to be doing this out of love, which is insane, or because God wants them to, which is dishonest, or both, which is both. Their propaganda and word choices reveal the real, far dirtier story.

There is no point in revisiting all of Steve’s various absolutist comments about gays, atheists, Democrats, liberals, socialists (and Steve hasn’t denied he and Liz being on the Medicaid rolls despite this supposed conviction), “transgenders,” non-Christian religious believers, Christians who aren’t completely fucked up (or are fucked up in an overly incongruent way), ethnic minorities, or the other targets he’s unable to keep from making and deleting posts about in an endless cycle of blind suffer-mongering; you’re here, so you know where to find it all. There is also no special reason to dig deep into Steve using the words “homeless” and “alcoholic” and “on mental disability” as accusatory descriptors of inherently immoral states, even when his accusations are provably wrong and often laughably silly (though still against the law to render publicly as statements of fact, as he’s done as recently as this week).

But a sampling is in order to support all of these terrible accusations of Christian malfeasance, so here are examples of the kind of posts Steve makes only to delete them a day or two later. He does this even now that he knows people are watching him.

The thing to bear in mind about all of this is not what Steve says, since the details are rarely coherent or consistent with external reality, but how he goes about it. He’s an idiot and he blurts things out frequently, so he can’t disguise his convictions and intentions even when repeatedly told precisely what in his various shitstreams continues to give these malicious motives away. But the basic thrust is that Steve does everything he can to make you believe that homosexuals and in fact anyone who confronts him isn’t fully human. He invents anything he can to promote that idea — imaginary crimes and psychological conditions, penury, homelessness, active drinking, George Soros, even demon possession. Yes, he has used all of those excuses for why certain overly focused observers have chosen to throw his lies in his face and look into his history (and the Wayback Machine) rather than shiver and move on. Maybe the shit about demons is right.

My burying the lede again notwithstanding, what mostly compelled me to write this post is an essay from 2015 by this Merrill Olson character who is one of Steve’s “colleagues” at this online flea-market of paranoia and bizarre grievances. The place changes its name, colors, design, content and more regularly, but Olson has been associated with the McConkeys for some time. The essay is titled  “WHEN PEOPLE ACT LIKE ANIMALS.”

Because people refuse to acknowledge God and His ways, they descend to the level of animals. ISIS acts like animals and butchers people and children. Women have abortions and kill their unborn children without any tinge on their conscience and accountability to God. People have sex with the same gender. Atheists want God removed from any public square. Gender-neuter bathrooms are the coming thing. Tragically, small businesses are forced to close because owners refuse to cater to a perverted lifestyle that goes against their convictions in obedience to Christ.

Sure, put ISIS in the same category as those who engage in consensual sexual behavior or elect to have abortions. Then put atheists in the same category by lying about their actions, and portray redneck bakers who use Jesus as an excuse to not offer their shitty cakes (seriously, most weddings are bad enough and usually portend serious misery within two years, but why fuck them up worse with inedible cake?). Do all of this in the language of the functionally illiterate cross-brandisher, salting your delivery with terms like “gender-neuter” and claiming that people are having sex with parts of speech.

But it gets better. Scroll down, and you’ll see that Olson wrote an essay two weeks earlier (on April 1, but not meant to be a joke) called “THE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT AND THE GAY AGENDA.”

Olson starts by lying about the prevalence of homosexuality (“In spite of gays being less than two percent of the population as studies reveal…”). A major part of dehumanizing a group of people is pretending they don’t exist or exist in numbers too trivial to be concerned about. Steve uses the same less-than-2-percent figure on a page that he recently deleted from 4 WINDS, along with a host of other strange arguments against…well, you decide.

(It’s amazing how much content these godly pricks delete despite being convinced of its immutable and timeless truth. I often wish I enjoyed sucking cock, to be honest, so that I could flaunt it at these clowns somehow, and it wouldn’t be hard. Well, of course it would, but get your mind out of the gutter.)

The “less than 2 percent” figure is about half of what credible polling reveals; between 2012 and 2016, the percentage of Americans identifying as LGBT rose from 3.5% to 4.1%, meaning it’s more likely to be close to 5 percent than 4 percent today.

But — and this is a huge “but” — the number of gay Americans is irrelevant when it comes to protecting them from liars. To propose that it’s more acceptable to punish people for being who they are when they represent statistical outliers is one way to admit you have no real argument against the behavior you’re condemning, and lying about those statistics clearly makes you look worse. Also keep in mind that Steve (rightly) condemns the mistreatment of Christians in places where their numbers are relatively small, e.g., Syria and China, even though by his and Merrill Olson’s own logic, it’s OK to just kill people like that when they’re in the way of shit, or even if they just do icky butthole things.

Citing the Family Research Council’s work in the area of sexual behavior, or anything, automatically removes one’s work from the consideration of serious observers. And writing “There is no gay gene according to researchers” (with our without the comma Steve can’t seem to picture being in there somewhere) displays both a preposterous lack of understanding of basic genetics and a dismissal of the actual evidence. But again, the idea that gay people should be punished for having higher rates of HIV or anything else is as helpful as saying that all of those diabetic and hypertensive obese people with lard-lined arteries filling Evangelical churches all over the country should just stop filling their faces, even if many of them have family histories consigning them to be immoral fat fucks whose eating behavior and infuriating serum triglyceride levels are clearly a cleverly disguised imposition on the more disciplined and cosmetically blessed.

Read the whole thing and see if it doesn’t strike you as worse than “just bigoted.” When Merrill Olson says that gays aren’t protected from discrimination the way the Bible says ethnic minorities are, he’s revealing more than garden-variety christopathic homophobia. If I’m not mistaken, he’s saying that he decides whether to be racist or other “-ist”  based not on “ism” being an inherently shitty position to hold, but on whether his Bible allows it. He makes grudging concessions to ethnic minorities because they can’t help being what they are. Not so for queers! Well, that’s some fucking Christian compassion, right there. (A brief reminder that even if being gay were a choice, it still wouldn’t be immoral. Also that the proscription against faggotry in the Bible was intended to apply only to Levite priests anyway, but I’m trying to leave shitty books out of this.)

Olson also engages in the usual Nazi-style demonization of gays by claiming that, despite being so diseased and ramshackle, they also pull the levers of civilization. That one seems…unoriginal, somehow.

The tactic of dehumanization comes automatically for gay-bashers and anyone who truly embraces fellow dehumanizer (but not gay-basher, as far as anyone knows yet) Donald Trump, as does Steve. It’s a necessary part of their plan to extinguish gays from civilization outright, because it’s a  lot easier to purge people when they’re not really people: Don’t give them protections, because they’re sick, look how they infect each other, we have to kill what few of them they are before they kill themselves, and besides, they know the drill, they picked this fate, fuck ’em, and by the way, they control the whole world!

I can’t stand Steve McConkey, from the more than enough I can glean from a safe distance. When he stops doing his thing, whenever and however that occurs, the world will become an incrementally better place. But he’s just a fucked-up guy who is driven to do things that piss people off. You could argue, albeit weakly, that he’s played it smart all these years — kicked back and lived a spartan life so that various others can allow him to rant and rave about the same shit for decades on end. His kids seem to have turned out fine, and they probably had a good mom. As much of a toad as he can be, if I picture something that would make sense in some Orwellian-Greek tragedy, like him returning to drinking or getting the snot kicked out of him by a gay U. of Wisconsin student who’d had enough unsolicited “witnessing” for a lifetime, it doesn’t make me happy at all. He has every right to do exactly what he’s doing for as long as fate allows.

Except for the lying.

I’ve said this about liberals recently, too, because it is axiomatic: If you have to lie to advance your position, then you are admitting the facts are against you and that you are therefore counting on your own deceit to carry the argument. This could be airily chalked up as an inherent moral wrong, but worse, it’s also inherently uber-destructive: Although the truth about any matter of societal significance will become almost universally undeniable at some point — anthropogenic climate change here, the innate contributions to sex and gender behavior there — the toll that liars are willing to inflict to further their aims is usually catastrophic, because the fight invariably becomes global. Even the murderous Catholic Church (and those wrinkly-assed fucks deserve relentless opprobrium for a lot more than fostering and safeguarding a decades-long, worldwide child-molestation carnival) ultimately had to cave to the reality of a non-geocentric universe. That they would still be slaughtering infidels if they could is an avenue for a separate polemic.

So go ahead and hate on gays or whoever you want, but don’t pretend it’s because a god you clearly don’t believe in yourself is compelling you to do it (and even if this were true, everyone could still give that god the finger because he has no official standing in this country). At the other extreme, go ahead and argue for the presence of testicles in girls’ and women’s championship races, but don’t pretend to do this in the interest of women. Abortion protesters lie en masse. (Shit, I could keep going just on how much the toleration of lying makes me want to commit crimes I have no fucking interest in gaining from just to put a dick, rudely, into the pooper of a deserving party.)

Obviously, even fringe characters like Steve McConkey don’t operate in a literal vacuum. He has no standing in the world of track and field as an athlete and coach and never did, and despite his extremist views about gays, transgender people, ethnic minorities and whatever else is on offer to attract assholes into one’s wobbly orbit, he hasn’t gotten off the ground in that realm, either. It’s not hard to see why, even if he’s addled by it.

But despite the undeniable decline of wingnut Christianity, there are plenty of people eager to meet the Steve McConkeys and Merrill Olsons of the world partway. Or pretend they don’t exist at all, which is tempting. And in rabidly embracing the foulness and moreover proud, galactic stupidity of Donald Trump, this colossal mass pasty, malignant, and highly animated stinkflesh has done its biggest disservice yet to the United States after decades of being mostly cosmetic damage, at least if you could avoid the sad and shitty pockets of the country in which they clump together most densely. I have been a Democrat for years, but my rejection of a balls-out lying U.S. Presidential administration is absolute and would apply equally to grifters of an party. Those who are rallying behind it are not only fuckheads on principle, but they’re forgetting that this roll is not going to last forever and that people have memories, and that the boot of corrupted power can fit equally well on one of those previously wimptastic liberal feet.

Like all Evangelicals, Steve McConkey lies. Yes, a lot of them are twat-chappingly stupid, but to pretend that their goggle-eyed ignorance explains the whole breadth of their inexcusably erratic behavior is giving them too much credit. He lies about me, but that’s just a turd in the litterbox of his dishonesty. Anyone who constantly deletes what he writes is advertising to the world that he is a fraud, not that this needs to be advertised in Steve’s case.

Wingnut versions of Christianity are on the decline. Also, one of Steve’s main concerns in life is keeping separate Facebook pages going, and he’s gone from three since I started writing about him again a few months ago to one and a half (he recently complained he’d be closing this down after too many rules violations or something; I didn’t report a thing, and Steve has other critics, some of them very funny). In his mind, that means he’s gone from 5,000 + 5,000 + 5,000 = 15,000 followers to 5,000 + 1,200 = 6,200. But in reality, the number of people who actually pay attention to him (two or three dozen fellow nutters) has stayed about the same — those thousands of “friends” are random runners and religious nuts who blindly honored Steve’s friend requests at some point. And if you look at the follower (not friend) number on his primary page, it’s dropped from the mid-600s to about 500 over that same span.

Maybe people are noticing what a chickenshit he is, in addition to being foul generally. The other day, he made a post claiming I was homeless, making things up about him, troubled, etc. He’s not allowed to put my name in there anymore because even Facebook put the kibosh on that some time again (which I had nothing to do with). When “someone” posted a reasoned response to the one bit of ridiculousness this elected from Planet Dipshit, he deleted it immediately. Steve is craven even by the standards of a Christian whackjob, and he probably bursts into tears every time he has to touch his own, or anyone else’s, penis.

This is all probably just coincidence, but if I were Steve I would be regretting poking Satan by sending me his feeble, self-incriminating threat last November. I’d be thinking my fake praying wasn’t working and that it was maybe time to shut the fuck up because they other guy, who is also holding a potential lawsuit over your head, certainly has no plans to. In fact, Steve could delete every word he’s ever posted about me or anyone I know, and I would just keep going as long as he does because I always need to be complaining about at least one insane liar, sometimes one I know, sometimes ones I “know.”  The god of my understanding would rather I waste a few minutes every day scanning a loon’s Facebook page for stuff to throw at him so he can do precisely nothing different than have me, I dunno, going door to door for Jesus, which is not a waste of fucking time at all.

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