“Quit freaking out, it is the flu”: Steve McConkey’s divine self-embarrassment, Part 1

Part of my own unpleasantness involves focusing on especially bad representatives of the species, so that I can more readily write off the entire human circus as some ghoulish combination of greed, stupidity, dishonesty and rude smells.  But I was also brought up, without my own full awareness, to expect lying to be punished and liars to be shunned.  Especially in the context of boasting — which, even when arguably warranted, was independently frowned upon by a strong 50 percent of my parents. (This is probably why I perceive, say, my fastest running performances, best examples of writing and highest test scores as within a delta of ordinary, data be damned.) And any sort of underhanded behavior, especially the deliberate tricking of others — this might be cutting a running course or promising something you knew you couldn’t deliver — went into the same “proceed at your gravest risk” bin.

How I drew these values from my taciturn-but-particular Midwestern dad while viewing him chiefly as a grimly benevolent statue is a story for another day, as is my obvious failure to implement these values at every turn. But the wingnut flavors of American religion satisfy all of these flaws — lies, boasting and deceit — and that in part probably explains why I have chosen to direct most of my available venom at religious frauds. Or anyone with a personal beef who resorts to lying.

Steve McConkey is a bad person in every demonstrable way that can be determined at a distance. But despite his lack of virtuous accomplishments, he should not be denied at least the recognition of having successfully dedicated himself to bungling his own life beyond all likely frontiers of personal failure, right down to blaming everyone but himself for why he’s only content when he’s trying to play the bully.

When he’s not trying to see gay and transgender people “eliminated” (he really does use that word, and frequently) with lies and hectoring, he’s dribbling racist rumors and other babble on Facebook or at other wingnuts, or complaining that atheists by definition are evil and should be treated accordingly (and that every religion besides the version of Christianity he invented is illegitimate), or mocking overweight people, or trying to defame and doxx his detractors into silence using tactics more evocative of a 9-year-old aspirant to the Alt-Right than of even the most watered-down Jesus acolyte. I’m saving details on that last stuff for later.

But nowhere is the flameout of the last vestiges of Steve McConkey’s presumptive decency more evident than in his eagerness to spread damaging misinformation and predictions about the COVID-19 pandemic. Lots of vocal Evangelicals — who as a ponderous 80-million-strong jelly-headed bloc represent the slowly rotting collective albatross around the neck of American society — have taken the bait and dutifully relayed everything from Fox News to their Facebook pages. But none I know of have done it under the aegis of an epidemiology and biostatistics expert who continually trumpets his intelligence and his mostly false credentials while plainly not knowing a damned thing about anything.

It started on Feb. 28 with this.

This is an example of McConkey’s content appropriation — he copies the majority of an article from a media outlet or hoax-news site and puts it on 4 Winds, then links “his” 4 Winds article to Facebook, essentially presenting it as his own work. This is both typical of McConkey and low, but for present purposes it resulted in an unusually bad decision even for a someone whose unwise choices over a period of decades define the shitty existence he ekes out today.

As I wrote before, this article was about the most irresponsible thing anyone could write at howling Trumpists at the time it appeared, and the asshole who wrote it, Joel Pollak, knew it. Although the typical Breitbart contributor is just as morally corrupt as Steve, that entity is generally smart enough not to put specifics on the lies it broadcasts. Here, Pollak uses shitweasel words like “soon,” “eventually” and “may be close to” so that when the inevitable tsunami of viral death soon hit, Pollak would look stupid rather than dishonest when he’s in fact far more the latter than the former.

But Steve McConkey cannot resist right-wing chum. He is too poorly formed a human being at this late stage of his fraying career as an obscure shitpoke for Christ, and he ran with the bait. And so he basically told a putative audience of 5,000 fellow imbeciles that no one would die from COVID-19 and that is was mostly a hoax. McConkey — who, again, considers public health one of his greatest areas of personal expertise — immediately threw down a statement that could only produce a chain of self-immolating bullshit.

So, thank you, Joel Pollak. You’re not all bad despite apparently being a liberal South African-American-turned-white supremacist.

If I included every damning, stupid or simply funny thing McConkey posted en route to his current faceplant in a factory-farm manure lake, I would never finish. You all know how this ultimately goes anyway. So, just the highlights for now, and with few side-trips into his bitter swipes at myself and my friends and family and his encouraging of lawbreaking — again, plenty of time for that.

On March 10, McConkey gave away the whole game. He said, in effect, that Christian victims of the virus are Heaven-bound while everyone else gets a faster track to Hell.

From the start, his own 4 Winds “colleague,” Merrill Olson, believed much differently, writing one day after Steve’s “quit freaking out” link to Breitbart that this was a really big deal.

McConkey stayed busy joking-not joking about the receipt of his various ideas.

On March 12, something that was suddenly a hoax was about to destroy the U.S. economy. (Less than a week later, according to McConkey, his wife filed an unemployment claim. Socialist bastards.)

Despite foreseeing a calamity, he continued to churn out shit borne of a combination of his right-wing media choices and his insistence on being really, really dumb with numbers — chiefly, the ability to envision anything resembling a cases-vs.-time or deaths-vs.-time graph.

McConkey wants you to know he soldiers on despite his constant infirmities. He’s a badass, a warrior, a defender — except when it comes to engaging his critics.

Trump and the birds had their acts together, too.

On March 15, he started posting CORONAVIRUS UPDATES, as these were unavailable elsewhere on the Web. This may have been his first reference to the number of flu deaths in the U.S. so far in the 2019-2020 season. Note that this fixes 55,000 as a significant number of American deaths in his own mind, regardless of what others think. He also seemed to believe that this figure was not being compared to the potential COVID-19 death toll.

Here, not for the last time, epidemiology expert Steve McConkey insists: “Same as flu. Different strain.”

This is interesting in that Steve allowed someone who has a doctorate in immunology to try to educate him even while regressing into childish rhetoric: “Wrong. Overblown. Overblown.” He also gets an invitation from a Q-anon supporter — did I mention that McConkey attracts only the best followers?

Then, he continued to continued to joke about the avalanche hurtling toward him. At times, he uses 8 billion as the world’s population; at other times he uses 7.8 billion or 7.7 billion.

Then, another oblivious affirmation of why McConkey is the last person who should be screwing this up as badly as he does, coupled to the exasperation he suffers thanks to the world’s dumbasses.

The next one might be the first one he’d take back if he could. (He long ago deleted all of the posts you’ll see here.)

“Thousands will get this, but it is the flu.”

Mind you, this was on March 16. Shelter-in-place orders and cancellations of mass events had gotten underway across the U.S. not even two weeks earlier. The “16 cases, none deadly” article he was so enamored of was less than three weeks old.

I’ll skip over lots of harried jibber-jabber about plans to wreck the U.S. economy and go to the next “death rate is the same as the flu” post. For reference, the accepted death rate (fatalities/known cases) for influenza is about 0.1%, or 1 in 1,000. Earlier (see above), Steve had already accepted the 1% estimate offered by Anthony Fauci and others, but by this time Fauci was a persona non grata in Trumpworld and therefore in Steve McConkey’s world as well.

McConkey then first showed signs of one of his eventual defenses: Whatever the scientific consensus of the death rate from COVID-19, Steve could find a fake-news source suggesting that basically, whatever number of cases you need to put in the denominator to drive the death rate down to an acceptable false number is the number of cases that in fact exists. Evangelical math. He also situates this discovery sometime in the future, like the rapture and his attendant revenge on demon-possessed observers such as myself (that’s another one he uses a lot); this is also an undisguised tactic of religious loons — no one can technically deny that something that could happen, won’t happen, no matter how ludicrous the odds against the event are.

And, in case you forgot, he’s still an expert.

He again wonders, why no news about the 55,000 people killed by the flu this season? That’s obviously a disease worth talking about, and imagine if we ran across a lethal respiratory virus for which we had no vaccine, no organized testing and tracing, no societal cohesion to speak of and no leadership. I think just about anyone, expert or not, would agree that such a virus just might be a real public-health concern rather than a vastly overblown conspiracy. I guess at this point, officially having become a conspiracist predominated in McConkey’s mind, as always.

It’s also weird that he pretends no one reacts to flu deaths at the same time he notes that it killed his father-in-law. Populations consist of individual people, stats master.

He then made a note of the U.S. passing the 100-deaths mark. He would grow progressively less eager to acknowledge future such milestones in the powers of ten.

Ask yourself: Why would someone do this? Was McConkey anticipating a time when he could smugly say “toldja so”? If so, what conception of the eventual death toll would have made such an idea seem remotely sensible? 500? The whole world?

This weirdness almost made me miss the fact that now, the world’s population was down to 7.7 billion and those 55,000 deaths had undergone an almost 10-percent reduction.

He then continued to downgrade the idea of human life itself, to better trivialize the numbers a dim part of him saw looming at the edge of his otherwise Fox News tunnel vision. He figures, why even bother if we’re murdering fetuses? Which, if actually sentient enough to be called people, would burn in hell straightaway in McConkey’s world for not having the neurological wherewithal to make a decision about Jesus. Can’t fucking win for losing around here.

March 21.

Also March 21 (note that he optimistically brings back 17 victims from the dead).

The next community effort to educate McConkey was borderline heroic. I assume he quietly blocks these people after deleting their comments days or at most a few weeks after they appear. The Darrel fellow has his shit together other than thinking it’s a Biblical plague.

Steve’s boasting here about his supposed grades is borderline manic. His undergraduate major was community health and it took him five years at two colleges to do it. Steve’s posts make it evident that he’s utterly incapable of passing, let alone acing, courses like advanced physics and chemistry. But if you pretend that his mind was more agile years ago, no one even takes those courses for an MPH. This is his inevitable reaction when he encounters people who obviously have the answers he doesn’t: Preen over his alleged credentials.

A guy who deletes everything he posts on the Internet weeks later, tops, expects the viewing public to trust him. This is macabre, isn’t it?

A few more folks tried talking sense at him: “Hey, Christian! This is fucking serious!” He just rejected it all with a blind-loop recitation about the differences between different rates used in the biz. He’s out of his fucking mind, yet in his element here because he has a remarkable ability to fend off reality in all its guises.

The expert spiraled further into Wikipedia research and confusion.

Ignoring the amusing typo, we have a blind, childish “The media is making it look worse than it is.” He’s spitting that shit out in the face of people offering him the hardest data available then (we’re still only on March 22, folks, springtime in a new America).

Actually, on that note, I’ll stop for now. I didn’t expect a single long post to take me less than a month into McConkey’s COVID-19 follies, and up to a total U.S. death tally (218) that now represents a fraction of a day’s work (yesterday, the virus claimed over 1,500 American lives). But there will be plenty more — I’m enjoying this more than I thought I would. Taking a step back, Steve is a career bigot who has dedicated his life to denying people rights and status and calling this “work.” He’s a craven sociopath, really, using Facebook to the exclusion of all platforms because it’s the only place he can lie with some impunity and delete any blowback. He has borrowed amply from the insane cruelties of Kim Duclos in suggesting that I’m waiting for someone I consider a mother of sorts, and is 95 years old, to die so I can move into the house — and then fail to pay the taxes and wind up on the streets. He must have hated his mother, because he also rips on my own a lot despite knowing her from fuck-all.

All of this, because he wants to lie and bullshit and beg his way through life because he can’t wait for Heaven, and damn anyone who gets in the way.

Fundamentally, this is about people lying about me and others and not suffering in proportion to those lies. I can attach Steve McConkey being a proud public-health menace to that if I want, but thanks in no small part to our political environment, I want liars to either make some kind of restitution (and not to me; I don’t care to hear from these twat-mites) or go on living in anxiety, and it’s pretty easy for a bored person with logorrhea to keep these kind of perps transfixed.

And remember this: Steve literally, vehemently and repeatedly asked for this.

God bless if you made it this far.



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