Cowardly Steve McConkey now dismissive of American children dying

(TL;DR: The easiest way to track the exploits of post-and-erase Steve McConkey and 4 Winds (that is, the operation consisting of low-rent con-man Steve McConkey quoting his personal god, Steve McConkey) on this Twitter account. It exists solely to capture the self-immolating tear-gas Mr. McConkey farts onto his Facebook page multiple times a day. A small but dedicated coterie of pseudobots ensures that nothing damning slips through the screen-capture cracks.)

As you can see, it became pointless some time ago to track Christian hate-monger and nonstop liar Steve McConkey‘s “standing up for Christian athletes” activity in real time, regarding not only his dismally failed coronavirus predictions (and remember, by his own indisputable account, he’s a medical stats expert who got straight A’s) but everything else he jabbers about as well.

I get paid for most of the writing I do nowadays, but even if I didn’t, I’d eventually tire of regularly blogging about someone this evil, hapless, ignorant, and above all, incurable. So I’m trying to limit myself to posting here only when he seems to have reached a new moral bottom. He does this regularly, but not quite weekly or even monthly. But it’s an accelerating trend.

Once McConkey realized just how badly he’d screwed up — long, long after every sentient being in the world already had seen that there was no way for the COVID-19 death toll to not spike well above 10,000, even 50,000 or 100,000 — he went from posting coronavirus-related swagger and deleting it hours or days later to avoiding the topic altogether. Happily for McConkey, the racial unrest and violence this summer opened the door for him to flee the frying pan of the pandemic — right into the welcoming frying pan of anti-black meemie-screaming. And yeah, while it’s facile and even fashionable to call anyone who speaks ill of BLM or rioting by black people a racist, Steve makes certain that you know he’s not just a bandwagon racist by labeling BLM a terrorist organization (it’s not an organization at all, but you get it) desperately lacking in fathers and moral standards generally. Fulfilling every stereotype of the gracelessly aging flyover shitbag feeding his Christ-riddled head with Fox News agitprop, he stays up late at night posting these things.

But I think that Steve McConkey reached a new, or different, low with this one. Apparently he thought that pivoting away from his galactic fuckup regarding the overall U.S. death count to the “tiny” number of U.S. child deaths thus far attributable to COVID-19.

I’m fairly sure that most people consider NBC News the media. But his hysterical inability to focus for three seconds isn’t the worst part –that’s McConkey just being McConkey.

Attribution issues aside, I just wonder on what planet he thinks this meshes with anything else he’s written. If he’s claiming it’s too many, well that’s a bit of a turnaround from “Fuck it, the flu kills 55,000 a year, keep the oldsters isolated and we’ll be fine.” If he’s saying it’s a tiny number, then maybe he — a good Christian expecting to get into Heaven after the life he’s led lying about and demeaning people — can tell the parents of those 103 kids (and however many more have died since, and will continue to die) that the ones who hadn’t accepted Christ are now burning in Hell.

And yeah, McConkey continues to be a coward. It’s one thing to not respond to these posts and my Twitter hectoring (what could be possibly say?); it’s another to have demanded the fight in the first place, only to, uh, shy away repeatedly.

Yet McConkey thinks very ill of cowards.

Where does that leave him? If I thought he actually believed the shit in the Bible he thumps in an effort to shake spare change from the goober-tree, I’d say he’d be conflicted — about this, the constant lying, the vanity, the pride, the hate, etc. I don’t hold him accountable for being a little fucked up in ways perhaps beyond the reach of Internet shaming, but the Bible makes no provisions for innate limitations, other than to live a Godly life.

Steve McConkey is an everyday con-man who depends on handouts; if he didn’t, he’s get rid of the Facebook page because other than what little good it does his bank account, it’s become nothing but a headache for him since about, mmm, April of 2018, with some gaps. In his short and inglorious Twitter stint (not his first!) last year, he even gloated about collecting social security despite going on and on in public about the everlasting horrors of socialism. (I’ll save that screen shot unless and until he disputes this.) So to him, letting his racist hostilties, anti-gay rage and basic rampant insecurities fuel his Internet scurrying-and-ratfucking is a perfect way to while away the time he has left — on Earth and anywhere else.

Praise Jesus, one and all. Amen.

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