Steve McConkey hosts “HOORAY! Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead” party for Christians

This was completely predictable, and underscores why the country needs to rewrite the portions of the tax code that allow lunatic haters like Steve McConkey to operate as religious non-profits. The fact that millions of Christians are cheering on a SCOTUS justice’s death because they seek a pro-life agenda sums up the naked, even guffawing fraudulence if Christianity, and emphasizes that the United States will remain a backwater country with nukes until something is done to limit the influence of Big Inbreeding and its madly waving crosses.

It’s the same old stuff with him: Yell in fifth-grade language that everyone else’s theology is wrong, even though he’s been repeatedly given evidence that he is dead wrong about virtually everything, even by other Christians. Of course, it wouldn’t matter if the Bible really were as harmonized with his insecurities and prejudices and mean ideas, because it’s still a book full of silly myths that have nothing to do with either running a country or being a decent human. But he can’t even make other idiots like him, save for the handful of semi-literate weirdos whose “friendship” he harvests on Facebook, which he’s terrified of being de-platformed from.

Steve McConkey and every douchebag like him can say whatever inconsiderate or rude things they want, although some of those things have McConkey in unresolved perennial legal peril. And he can be a complete gibbering, shambling coward about it, and talk about and around rather than with the few detractors his low-wattage antics have attracted; no one expects differently from a stay-at-home bigot who’d probably be institutionalized by now were it not for his various enablers. But he shouldn’t get to do it tax-free. I’m not the only one who notices this, and Steve invariably notices when other people make fun of him almost before they can even post their “mocking attacks”:

No, moron, Google hasn’t blocked you from uploading whatever nonsense you want to the Internet; you just don’t get to call your delusions news.

It has to be stressful and taxing to be this disgusting even when that’s the idea and there are really no other paths to take. This is a sad, shiftless old loser who surrounds himself online with other losers who find perverse energy in his squealing and bereavements, trying very, very hard to not feel like the wrongheaded bumbler of his own life he so laughably is. He also knows he’d be thrown into one of Hell’s hottest fires if the place were real; as legitimate as some of his galloping confusion is, he’s well aware that he lies nonstop and that even Satan would find him useless because he sucks so badly at being a successful asshole.

He is also having Moments lately. Pray away, pal, it’s working great so far.

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