Steve McConkey’s 2020: Further degraded and even down-“graded”

Months ago, I again lost interest in following the everlasting public self-implosion of cross-brandishing hate-loon and lie-factory Steve McConkey. I won’t spend time posting the same screen shots of McConkey’s deleted Facebook posts that I’ve already posted, or link to that stuff here; I just have to pause to reflect on two things I haven’t emphasized to my own content on this portion of the blog.

One is that I have no idea how someone like McConkey is even able to maintain an Internet presence in the face of how hilariously (or not) incorrect he manages to be, not just about basic matters a child could figure out, but within areas of his supposed educational focus. As improbable as it is, McConkey was given a master’s degree in public health almost 40 years ago by a non-power-conference school in Kentucky. I doubt he actually demonstrated enough academic proficiency to earn the degree, and was probably ushered through so that the school wouldn’t look as bad, but he was at a minimum exposed to the concepts of epidemiology and biostatistics. Yet all year long, we* watched him fuck up absolutely everything about COVID-19, even as other, more erudite and stable Christians pleaded with him to not be a proudly ignorant cavorting and writhing clown. At the outset, in late February, he agreed with a still-extant “15 cases, soon to be zero” Breitbart story about the projected severity of the pandemic being a liberal hoax (’twasn’t!), if not the virus itself. then continued desperately revising his “expert analyses” of the expected U.S. death count so as to wallpaper over his previous such analyses. He at one point chose 24,000 America lives lost as a likely end result, about 7 percent of the present still-rising total.

Once McConkey woke up to reality a little bit, he admitted that the nation had “a problem” if COVID-19 deaths reached 55,000 (the previous season’s approximate flu-death total). That was almost 300,000 deaths ago and – there’s a echo in here – rapidly rising; McConkey used the widespread racial tensions and violence last summer to conveniently pivot to BLM, calling it a “terrorist organization,” and has since moved on to screeching about “election fraud.”

All throughout, he never strayed far from bitching about gay homosexers and anything similarly deviant — “transgenders” and so on. If there’s one area in which his brain lets him multi-task, it’s in being as comprehensive a freakish, reality-thwarting cocksucker as he possibly can.

McConkey is of course a raging douche for constantly telling his shifting pile of a few thousand Facebook ignoramuses and bots – many of them, based on their Facebook profiles, old and obese – to ignore good health advice and do stupid things. Why? Because Trump was all he ever fucking cared about anyway, haplessly and helplessly, and God will sort out all the troublesome, virion-riddled corpses. But that’s not why I would expect more reticence from him; people are openly dickish without reservation on the Internet, and it’s quite common for even generally intelligent people to be misinformed here and there about important things. But if I were Steve McConkey right now, I would feel like such a colossal fucking idiot for being wrong in every applicable way at every whiny, garbled juncture in 2020 in my own area of oft-trumpeted expertise (and before, but especially last year) that I would be fearful of even attaching my own name to anything I wrote moving forward. I mean, who wants to know that their followers consist solely of a combination of mocking haters and people who openly support bullhorns of proven stupidity? Even dumbasses don’t want a following consisting entirely of dumb people, unless the dimbulbs have a fondness for donating gobs of money to deluded and demented fundies. That doesn’t, you know, happen much.

The other thing I return to when I assess this guy after some time away is how grateful crazy people should be that peckerwood, inbredneck religions like Evangelical Christianity exist and, in the U.S., actually wield considerable power. While I have to stress per usual that only a small portion of even devout believers I know, even in the more extreme faiths, are mentally disturbed, mentally disturbed people who happen to be assholes by any definition can find cover by cloaking themselves in Jesus-talk.

It would be impossible to navigate American society with any success as an unemployed attention-seeker who was openly antagonistic toward same-sex rights, abortion rights, racial equality and gender equality and an atheist; at a minimum, such people would be unlikely to get a lot of online handouts. People wouldn’t consider you principled –they’d dismiss you as some toxic mixture of idiot, hater and basket-case, and rightly so. McConkey and lots of others like him may be failing at the begging game when it comes to the bottom line, but the widespread U.S. infection rate of the non-novel Christovirus at least allows them to try without the level of opprobrium they actually deserve.

But McConkey fights on, now 65 and no doubt quietly enjoying his new Medicare coverage despite both his not earning them and his acidic diatribes about socialism. He is probably not very happy, though, about Google evidently branding his “ministry” Web presence unreliable. If you Google his name without quotes, you see a bunch of negative stuff by others about McConkey peppered by articles about the deceased daredevil Shane McConkey. (Funny how this McConkey is at the other extreme of the backbone spectrum.) What you don’t see is McConkey’s ministry page. If you enclose the name in quotes, you see a link to McConkey’s loopy Facebook page, then a variety of intentionally unflattering chime-ins, and some other weird shit.

The same thing happens when you Google the name of his ministry. A handle that arcane shouldn’t sink as low as it does, but it somehow has.

Does this or should this matter? No. But Steve McConkey is a pathological narcissist with nothing better to do than Google himself when not hectoring people or groups of people with bullshit, and for some fucked-up reason he thinks he can lie constantly and even libel people without some kind of record of this predominating in search results after a while.

If God existed in any form, its first impulse would be to replace Steve McConkey with an organism absolutely identical to Steve McConkey except possessing a conscience, a capacity for genuine love, and adult-level cognition.

Anyway, good times. The 2020 McConkey money shot might have been McConkey burbling right after the July 4th holiday about the media not covering the ongoing fall in COVID-19 deaths. What excellent dark comic timing this has proven to be, inspired by the one true LORD…that is, the god McConkey sees whenever he gazes into a mirror.

Pray for everything in 2020, folks, as it keeps working so friggin’ well.

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