Since I’m legally obligated to announce this

I’ll be staying in Rochester, New York for a while. You can see that the years have been unkind thanks to my troubles, although I’m a couple inches taller now.



Last Known Address:109 ORIOLE STREET, ROCHESTER, New York 14613 Race:White Sex:Male Height:6’00  Weight:250 lbs.  Eyes:Blue Hair:Blonde Age/DOB:7-May-63

Offense or Statute
Offense/Statute: Sexual Abuse-1st DegreeDisposition Date: 26 October 1994

Do you like what we’ve done with the place?

Actually, “we” is inaccurate, since I changed the theme of the blog by dictatorial fiat and only later asked for token approval. But I think it looks better. I’m also planning to add to the blogroll, which hasn’t been updated in a scrote’s age and featured a few no-longer-updated sites before the weekend transition to a variable-width layout with my beloved size-2 Arial font. In order to do that, I’d like to have a sense of who visits this place and wants so see their own blog or favorite blogs linked. Basically any running-related blog that’s not merely a tricked-out training log, any blog that disparages stupid people and things in as deliberate and humorous a manner as possible, cool science sites, and stuff that is just plain funny is on the table.