On how many fronts is Kim Duclos hilarious?

Well, she managed to get booted from a forum specifically set aside for the full-throated tearing apart of other people. That qualifies as hilarious, even if Kim Duclos‘ intentions are always anything but funny.

I’ve finally accepted the most likely explanation for why Kim — last seen wandering the Meadows Plaza shopping center looking like about 170 pounds of shit jammed into a sandwich bag — refuses to stop lobbing turds in my direction, and why she persists despite her salvos not merely being ineffectual but clearly backfiring. (In addition to “Because she’s a fucking psychopath,” I mean. There are levels in play here.)  The explanation I’ve come to terms with not only is unsettling, but also has become increasingly impossible to deny. I’ve tried to reject the whole idea despite compelling evidence in its favor. because it makes me literally nauseous, and I’m using the world “literally” with full command of the implications.

Kim has always been vicious to the women I’m close to because of garden-variety jealousy. She’s jealous of most women, but virulently angry at the women she knows or knows of with whom I’ve associated with me in a romantic way. (That ain’t a super-long list of women, in case you were in suspense about that.)

Numerous people have told me that this actually couldn’t have been more obvious from the very start, and they have laughed at my efforts to dismiss it. My own therapist has begun trying to persuade me of what she sees as plain-vanilla reality. I can now appreciate why, as I’m accepting that all of these people are correct. Why else would Kim harbor so much undisguised vitriol toward these women — who, by the way, never had a bad thing to say about Kim until she started in with this horseshit?

At any rate, it’s become undeniable. The facts are that Kim 1) doesn’t merely lie, but asserts the precise opposite of reality at every opportunity — I’m still not convinced this opposite-girl stuff doesn’t give her orgasms — and 2) has made repeated recent mention of how many times she supposedly “turned me down.” Taken together, these facts point at a conclusion is as clear as it is revolting, even in the absence of any knowledge of Kim’s attitude toward my lady-friends. I won’t explore it any more than I need to, which is to say that I would begin removing parts of my anatomy with a sharp implement before agreeing to have any “relations” with Kim Duclos for any amount of money. Hell, I don’t even think she’s any more capable of giving informed consent than a prize Holstein.

Anyway, enough background. Kim posted this on Reddit today:

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Not quite making history (or its channel), and an asshole sounds off again

In May 2017, I was contacted via Facebook Messenger by a television producer from the Pilgrim Media Group about being in a prospective History Channel documentary about the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, which killed a teacher at my high school along with six other astronauts. The producer had found my posts on this blog from 2007 (aggregated here) and assumed, correctly, that I would be willing to appear in the documentary, assuming it was in fact produced.

We spoke on the phone for over an hour. Despite how often I have revisited January 28, 1986 in the past 32-plus years, I found myself far more expansive and animated at times than I ever expected to be, as well experiencing a wider and more potent array of emotions. As it happens, writing about something is not nearly as evocative of memories and feelings as is discussing it, even on the phone and even with a stranger.

Unfortunately, as happens so often in the TV business, the documentary – which would have aired on Jan. 28, 2018, the 32nd anniversary of the disaster – was never made, and as a result I obviously didn’t appear in it.

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Desperate measures

Kim Duclos wrote stuff.


Paragraph 1: Kim, with an astonishing lack of comprehension of how insane her output appears even to a Kim-naive observer, tries to convince herself that none of what I’ve written about her bothers her, that no one who reads the stuff believes it, and that she has allies in her fight against “abuse.”

Paragraph 2: Kim — a social recluse who has no contacts in Boulder I know of and probably none that I don’t — invents a local ally who sympathizes with her, doesn’t like me, and has the influence to limit my social contacts. This is one of her recurrent themes: She doesn’t have any friends besides Sean, who is really more of a caregiver than a boyfriend to Kim, so she overreaches by a factor of about 50 in trying to portray herself as having defenders.

Paragraph 3: Another reiteration of “He doesn’t bother me or interfere with my amazing life at all, so I’m just gonna rant every day about him until he stops.”

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Kim Duclos tells stories…and may actually be dangerous

Kim Duclos, a flagrant liar and shitbag who takes exception to being called a lying bag of shit, doesn’t like it when people make fun of the absurdities she posts to Reddit, the one place she feels safe spinning and spouting angry fictions about leading an amazing life despite the devious ways of her loathsome adversaries. She’s used no fewer than seven Reddit handles in the last year: duclok2, i_climb_rocks_a_lot, Kitty_BunBuns_, HungryBuffsDriver, Legal_Throwaway34, Literal_Crap_Bag, and iCodeToYachtRock. She used duclok2 to lie about her academic history, whereas she’s dedicated the others almost entirely to posting lies about me and my friends.

She has recently settled exclusively on iCodeToYachtRock even though she knows I and my friends are having a field day on Twitter with the garbled-ass nonsense she catapults into Reddit-space using that moniker. For a while, I, not knowing what it’s like to inhabit the mind of a mentally troubled moron, couldn’t help but wonder why she didn’t at least create yet another handle so that she could try to fly under the radar for a while. But because of my inexperience at being a worthless loon, I had it all wrong. You see, it doesn’t bother Kim that no one actually cares about her fables, or that any discerning person who reads her posts even without any foreknowledge of her antics can immediately see that she’s both full of shit and utterly bonkers. All that matters to Kim is that she gets to say something dishonest on the Internet and it won’t be deleted as long as she doesn’t name names.

This is basically the life Kim has settled into for good: Get online every day and courageously continue to craft a life that bears little relationship to reality, and blame every single one of the many things she’s fucked up on someone or something else. She is the epitome of someone who has absolutely no worthwhile purpose except for playing out the string until the lights blessedly go out for good (more on the dire implications of this later in the post). Continue reading “Kim Duclos tells stories…and may actually be dangerous”

Kim Duclos very stalkerishly describes tracking an imaginary stalker

(TL;DR version: Is my own life imitating my own art? I’m tempted to call the cops to tell them that an established nutbag who lives a mile from me is chasing me around with a camera and claiming this is evidence of me stalking her.)

Kim Duclos, having given up last spring on posting her delusional output under her own name, has found what she feels is a comfortable enough home in the one Internet wildfire where no one gives a fuck if you’re lying, and where outrageous bullshit is in fact widely encouraged: Reddit. Absent anything better to do when her carcass isn’t being trundled to edifying events like Burning Man or death-metal concerts, she frequents an impressive range of subreddits, usually but not always under the handle “iCodeToYachtRock.” Here, her efforts to pose as an authority on the topic at hand are unintentionally hilarious thanks to her constitutional inability to perceive how her garbled rambling presents to people who are actually knowledgeable about these topics.

While Kim’s attempts to impersonate a future computer-science doctoral student and someone with a current programming job are good theater, she has so far reserved her best work for the subreddit called “Narcissist Abuse,” where people who believe that they have been traumatized by dangerous, self-absorbed people post like dangerously self-absorbed lunatics. Okay, not all of them do, but it’s fair to say that after a certain point, if you think your ex is a total narcissist, you might want to ask why you’re on an Internet forum complaining vociferously about his or her supposed fixation on you. And I’m probably being unfair to some real abuse victims by lumping them into the same category as Kim, whose only experience with a narcissistic mind is the feeble one trapped inside her thick skull.

Check out this thread. The original poster’s situation is irrelevant to Kim, because she just uses the presumably real pain and grief of others as a springboard to launch into her own lies, being, you know, not just a flamboyant liar but a grade-A fucking narcissist.

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A solemn anniversary

A year ago today, Kim Duclos had a classic meltdown. She had just learned that Lize, Brad and I had co-written a book called “Young Runners at the Top” and had given a public talk about the book at the Boulder Bookstore five days earlier. Kim, whose already lackluster life stalled completely when she gave up serious running before she was even 30 and has been going in reverse ever since, absolutely couldn’t abide by people she likes to trash for no good reason being recognized in a positive way, so she did one of the few things that affords her a special-needs adult’s equivalent of sexual gratification and took to Letsrun.com for another classic rampage.

I’m not sure what her initial post consisted of because the Letsrun mods — who, while unconcerned with shitflinging on that message board in general, have been wise to Kim Duclos’s bullshit for years — deleted it before I or anyone I know could spot and collect it. But a friend diligently began capturing the inevitable HOW DARE YOU DELETE THE FUCKING LIES I POST HERE, YOU DICKWADS outbursts that followed. Continue reading “A solemn anniversary”

It’s time for Kim Duclos to quit lying about being an abuse victim (audio, anyone?)

Kim Duclos is never going to stop lying, any more than any other addict will quit indulging in a free and ubiquitous vice. She once declared to a good friend of mine, who’d been nice enough to let her room with her in Indiana, “I lie because it gets me what I want.” This was not long before she fled town owing my friend rent money and adding her to the interminable list of people she despises for no reason besides basic jealousy. The fact that Kim has undeniably reaped a great deal of pain from her dissembling habit, and has arguably ruined her own life beyond repair in the process, isn’t even on her radar, because she refuses to connect the dots between her own behavior and its negative consequences.

And really, watching her lie about her accomplishments and skills under various handles on Reddit (at least seven in the past eight or so months alone) is kind of funny. Reddit is a giant oozing anal wart of bullshit, anonymity, and resentment, making  it a perfect landing spot for her insatiable need to not only create an alternate reality, but publicize the details. When she burbles on with great confidence about things she knows next to nothing about, it’s like watching an oblivious character in a Judd Apatow or Coen Brothers film go on about his own panache and greatness even while the rest of the cast guffaws or gawks in horror. She’s back to pretending she has a full-time job in a tech field while pursuing the computer-science degree she’s been lying about chasing for close to four years now, all while not understanding or caring how the totality of her own comments across subreddits torpedoes her various claims — even in a shithole like Reddit where no one cares what you’ve supposedly done because so many others are also lying. She can prate on all she wants about the fictional existence she’s crafted in defiance of the reality that she’s a pissed-off stay-at-home toper and layabout who stands no chance of becoming an engineer; that’s her business and it doesn’t really hurt anyone else.

But, of course, most of her online flailing about is not so benign. She hasn’t stopped trying to interfere with my life in the exquisitely petty way of the powerless moron. She monitor my online tiffs with other drones and quietly gets involved, she tries to dissuade business entities from working with me, and she even attempted to get my website taken down because I have, you know, factual information posted about her there. This is all just in 2018.

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